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Bobby Huang
Bobby Huang

Are you sick of your job?

Is your boss breathing down your neck because his neck is on the line?

Do you do work which makes you smile or do you wake up dreading putting on your work clothes?

Does your local government (or state, or country) want you to put in free Wi-Fi for the city? (this happened to Apple).

Well I have bad news for you, creating information products can cause all of those questions I asked you (just kidding).

The FTC did create some rules targeting testimonials and all that fun stuff, though just know that if you are not a goober (or jerk) you’ll usually do fine on the internet (this is definitely not legal advice).

If you want to live on the beach, relaxing, travel the world, experiencing life, you’ll need passive income.

There are a few ways to create passive income:

  • Cash flow
  • Businesses
  • Information products
  • Real estate
  • Stocks
  • Investments

Basically, you’ll need to grow some assets.

A traditional brick and mortar business can work, though it will take some effort to manage or find someone to manage it for you.

We will focus on something you can do if you have an internet connection and some desire to be free.

Information products, which can be coaching, video programs, books, classes, and anything done over the internet which can earn you an income.

That’s my focus, I want to help you build your information product, market it, distribute it, and generally, impress your customers enough so they keep coming back for everything you create.

Making money is one thing, it’s just another asset we will use to invest in other things which will produce us passive income.

Information products themselves CAN be a form of passive income. Imagine you had a video course. You sold this video course for $497. People can google, or they see your ad and they click, and buy.

The only thing you will really need is customer support, which can be outsourced to competent people around the world, or your brother Bob.

I’m going to help you create “systems” and “processes.” This is the most valuable thing I learned from John Reese.

If you can boil everything out into detailed steps with rules and guidelines, you can easy teach someone else to do it and enjoy your coconut drink in a coffee shop.

Get ready brother and sisters, because you just took the first step to really changing your world.

You can find me on Linkedin Here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/bobbyhuang

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