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Easy Video Suite Bonus (3 Of Them) & Review

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Learn why Easy Video Suite will not be as easy as you want without the 3 bonuses I’m offering in this video.

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The Power Of Encoding Videos Smaller

Depending on how big a video file is, determines how long it takes for a person to download it and watch it.

I watched a video recently that was 1gb for 1 hour.

It would not load on my computer because it didn’t stream internationally fast nor did it download much at all.

Lesson: encode videos smaller so that users can watch them faster.

Encoding right isn’t very difficult, it’s something I teach.

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The Best Online Video Delivery System?

Video marketing had to evolve. It was inevitable.

It was becoming much too complicated. And if it isn’t too complicated for some people, it’s still definitely too time consuming.

You had to worry about the following:

  • Redoing videos over and over again to make sure you got everything right in one take or face the daunting task of loading your raw video into Camtasia or another editor to make everything perfect.
  • Making sure your videos were optimized for the web (So they looked good and didn’t take too long to start playing).
  • Having a different mobile version of your videos to show users of iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices (More and more people are doing most of the web viewing from their smart phones and other mobile devices).
  • Basically using “duct-tape” to try and put all the pieces together with Camtasia, Screenflow, Jing, Handbrake while continually looking for the “perfect” solution to make it all easier or less time consuming.
  • Uploading large files to your own server, Youtube, Amazon S3 or other video hosting service.
  • Getting the proper code in place to display your videos with the hope that mobile devices would be able to see the mobile version of your video.

Well, someone has finally done something about it.

Josh Bartlett, the creator of the industries leading video player called Easy Video Player, has truly done something innovative in video marketing.

His Easy Video Player software had game-changing features two years ago that other video marketing solutions have just recently tried to introduce.

And on top of that, Josh could boast about the following:

  • Tens of thousands of satisfied customers.
  • The lowest refund rate in the industry for Clickbank (Only 2%).
  • More top marketers and 6 to 7 figure launches use Easy Video Player than anything else. (Mike Filsaime, Chris Farrel, Ryan Deiss, Jason Moffatt, Maria Andros, Justin Brooketo name a few).

Rather than throw in a few, new and “cool” features and re-launch his product simply for the money, he listened to his customers and did something else.

He took over two years and hundreds of thousands of his own dollars to create something that will change the way you market your business with videos.

You’ll now be able to record, edit, publish, market and track all your videos with one, easy-to-use solution.

Josh is releasing this all-in-one video marketing solution on January 15th, 2013 with a free video series leading up to the launch.

Watch the first video here.

He’s going to reveal the story about his journey and passion that led him to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars from his own pocket to create the ultimate video marketing solution.

And how you can now do the following:

  • Drag and drop your video into a desktop application (Mac and Pc Compatible) that will optimize and convert your video for the web, let you edit if needed, upload it and give you the code to copy and paste to your website.
  • Record your screen or face camera from within this application and even draw on the screen.
  • Never worry about whether users on mobile devices can see your videos (It creates and displays a mobile version of your videos for you).
  • Split test your videos to see which ones are shared the most, have the most engagement and which versions make the most money.

That’s just scratching the surface…

What all this ultimately means for you is that marketing your business with videos is going to be much, much easier.

And you’ll make a ton more money while having more time to do what you love.


Josh is also going to demonstrate the amazing power of his creation in this series.

So go see how video marketing has evolved.

Talk soon,

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The Best Video Editing Program

There actually is a best video editing program.

One that works the way we want it.

The video editing program we would feel the most comfortable using.

The one that has all the right settings, in the right place.

In the right order, and in the right image.

It isn’t any specific video editing program.

I used to think I needed the next best thing to be able to make great video.

I didn’t.

I just needed to understand editing, and finally, I can make great videos without much effort or thought.

If I just understood what was important, editing becomes seamless and quick.

I’ll reveal to your my favorite programs, BUT remember they are my favorite because I can easily use them and have learned the most important parts of editing.

For end editing, where I put everything together, Adobe Premiere Pro is my favorite.

For screen recording on a Mac, Screenflow is my favorite.

I can use other programs as well, and if you have a favorite that’s easy to use, stick to it and use the important parts of editing to get good video.

A master guitar player can make great sounding music from the $99 guitar.

An amateur guitar player with no skills or understanding of the guitar can’t make good sounding music with a $10,000 guitar.

It’s not about the tool, it’s about the user of the tool!

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This Simple Program Will Secure Your Online Info Product Accounts

Did you know creating a secure password is more important today than it was in the last two decades?

Hackers are becoming more sophisticated and have more powerful computers to hack your online accounts.

They can use several methods to get into your account from brute force attempts to stealing your passwords via Wi-Fi.

The whole purpose of the program LastPass is to make it more difficult for these folks to get into your account, which will protect you from 95%+ of hackers (I totally made that number up, but I think it’s true).

The program also stores your login user names, so it makes it one simple click to log into a website.

I remember working for a company who had use make secure passwords and constantly change them every month. Needless to say, most of us were resetting our passwords and wasting IT’s time with the stupid passwords.

LastPass acts as a central area to your passwords, where you can generate really secure passwords no one would ever guess in one million years. They might guess in two million years though.

If someone gets into one of your business accounts, lets say, business banking, they can send out checks to tons of locations and people. Banks are notoriously bad at letting you know or stopping people from even charging your account via checking account numbers.

[quote]100 grams of prevention prevents a kilo of pain. Or an ounce of prevention prevents a pound of pain.[/quote]

Here is an example of a secure password:

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]3WaF0*^aGhrXpsvRr2!1[/typography]

Will you ever guess that password? I won’t. I just generated it from my Lastpass account.

The best part of Lastpass is, it’s FREE.

I’ll show you in this video step by step on how to set up the program and start creating secure passwords.

This small action step will save you hours upon hours in a week by not having to remember your user names or passwords.

What do you do to secure your passwords and online accounts?


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How a Central Email Account Will Save You 1 Hour a Day

This strategy of one central email saves me over one hour a day when checking email.

A central email is one account where you receive and send out ALL your emails. I have over 30 emails so this saves me a ton of time, and will save you a ton of time with email.

More time to spending learning and creating our information products yo!

Basically I use gmail, and connect all my accounts to that account, and connect even more email accounts to the 5 accounts connected to my central gmail account.

I’ll show you step by step in this video how to do it.

How do you manage your email? Let me know in the comments below