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How a Central Email Account Will Save You 1 Hour a Day

This strategy of one central email saves me over one hour a day when checking email.

A central email is one account where you receive and send out ALL your emails. I have over 30 emails so this saves me a ton of time, and will save you a ton of time with email.

More time to spending learning and creating our information products yo!

Basically I use gmail, and connect all my accounts to that account, and connect even more email accounts to the 5 accounts connected to my central gmail account.

I’ll show you step by step in this video how to do it.

How do you manage your email? Let me know in the comments below


By Bobby Huang

Bobby Huang creates videos and content to help his readers get the most out of their lives. He focuses on getting the most results with the least effort in Information Products and Passive Income. It's not lazy, just called being effective bro.

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