Increasing your results and solving your information product results are priceless when compared to the hundreds of hours you might spend to try to make it work.

The most important activity in your Information Product business boils down to two things. Customers and Products.

If you focus on creating the best products that people can buy, and getting more customers, your business will grow and do better every month, nay, have week, not even, every DAY.

The biggest obstacle is the hundreds or thousands hours of time you might spend learning how to do things which are less important to your business.

You want to make videos? Do you know how to record your screen? Or what camera to use? Or what video codec to use? Or what microphone to use? What audio codec to use? How many bits per second should you focus on? Do you know how to distribute your videos?

There are just some of the questions that come from video.

Now if you want to set up a membership website…

Do you know what web host to use? What content management system to use? Do you know how to connect to your FTP and upload files? Do you know what plugins you should use? Do you know what membership website you should use? Do you know what email service you should use? Do you know what payment gateway you should use? Do you have a merchant account to take payments? Do you have a shopping cart? Do you know which shopping cart that’s compatible to use with your website?

And there are hundreds of more considerations to take about websites, or video or whatever in your information product business.

We didn’t even touch marketing, the thing you use to get your customers, and well, I think you get the point.

Here is basically what I’m offering, I have spent years learning, and helping clients set up their websites and businesses. I’ve creating online presences for offline businesses, which helped them tap a previous untapped customer.

What I can do for you is help answer your most important questions and start increasing your results over 200% in a short time. We’ll actually probably increase your results even more and faster, though lets just be modest for now. This isn’t a promise that I’ll increase your results, everything is still in your hands after our consulting sessions.

Here are the areas I can help you with in your information product business.

  • Doing Video Creation and Marketing (from scripting, pre-production, production, encoding, distribution, and marketing)
  • Creating Membership Websites (set-up, content management systems, themes, blogs, plugins, shopping carts, merchant accounts)
  • Doing Email Marketing (vendors to use, writing emails, automation, capturing leads, integration with your membership, strategist)
  • Marketing Online (lead->prospect->conversion->customer, pay per click, google, yahoo, bing, facebook, advertising networks, affiliates, clickbank, opt-in pages)
  • And tons more

This is just a short list of the stuff we’ll be able to cover and increase results with in your business.

We’ll be able to cover a ton more problems you have in your business and how to increase productivity and results.

I’m only doing my consulting for a limited time. I can only have a limited number of clients, it takes a lot of time to help folks like you. And I want to focus and help you as much as possible.

Go ahead and click the Pay Now button below and pick the amount of coaching sessions you want. Remember, I can only offered a limited amount of coaching sessions and as I get booked I’ll have to start charging more.

See you on the other side.

-Bobby Huang



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