How to force your business to
6-figure profits 10x faster in 42 days without massive budgets or teams

A step-by-step approach for growing any business, outsell your competition, grow & scale with little risk using hands-on mentorship

Business Strategy



A/B Tests


Landing Pages


SEO & Organic


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“Growthy show you a step-by-step process to reach your goal in the fastest way. Their approach helped me get unstuck and create the best system in a short amount of time because it made it so much easier to create a system and execute smoothly.”

Rene Wang
Founder, Top Student Academy

Growthy helped me break things down into bite-sized executable pieces. The process has been great because I’ve been able to apply it across the board, whether for a program I’m launching or a product. 

Ishita Gupta


Our course includes in-depth video guides and step-by-step execution plans even non-technical people can implement

Proven growth process

With step-by-step video guides in Growth Accelerator, you’ll take every step necessary to start or grow your existing business. Every section you go through compounds your results because you’re taking action today to build the ultimate scaling revenue-generating machine.

Reverse engineer the result you want to create evergreen growing revenue growth. Every action you take leads to the results you want, so you waste less time learning and more time growing your company — with our help along the way.

We tailor these guides to any company type: B2C, B2B, mobile apps, SaaS, consulting, coaching, service businesses, agencies, and more..

Use Growthy Growth Wheels™ to accelerate growth in your business.

9 Growth Wheels™ to clone

This course includes access to 12+ Growth Wheels™ to duplicate & systematically grow your revenue (acquisition wheels, email conversion wheels, monetization wheels, engagement wheels, retention wheels).

Funnels are just one piece of wheels, and with Growth Accelerator, you'll get pre-built wheels to implement in your company..

Build your growth system

Courses include access to our extensive set of execution plan projects. These step-by-step plans are something you can hand off to your team or do yourself.

You'll build your ads, emails, landing pages, analytics, checkout pages, referral, affiliate programs, content, and tons more to generate revenue.

Putting this together for the full Growth Accelerator experience: You consume videos and read on your own. We'll show you step-by-step on how to execute. We'll review your work on weekly calls, so you perfect it.

Use Growthy Growth Systems to compound revenue and sales in your company.

Examples of what you’ll learn

These modules comprise in-depth tactical guides. As you’re learning, you apply these methods to build and grow your company during your journey. Our expert advisors are here to answer your questions along the way.

Customer Acquisition

You’ll learn, launch, and scale channels best suited for your company. You’ll learn advanced tactics for media, including:

  • Facebook/Instagram, Google ads, LinkedIn ads, YouTube, and others 
  • Referrals, affiliate, B2B lead gen, and cold outreach
  • Organic, content marketing, social, and SEO

These channels work for SaaS companies, e-commerce startups, mobile apps, consultants, coaches, agencies, and service businesses.

Growth & Product Strategy

You’ll architect your growth goals, refine your product (s), business model, product messaging, and find your target markets to grow your company.

You’ll also identify your market’s exact segment to dominate and reverse engineer all the steps to take to make sales faster than you thought possible.

You’ll save months of trial and error, tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands in expenses by leveraging proven growth strategies by similar companies to yours.

Landing Pages

You’ll get the exact landing pages from templates you need to generate sales. You’ll also learn a step-by-step process for writing and designing high-converting landing pages and websites.

You’ll craft high-converting pages you can be proud of without being a copywriter or designer.

Conversions & Experimentation

Sales and revenue happen when your company has a proven scientific process to move users from visitors to customers.

You’ll get both a process to convert customers (proven page templates, emails, retargeting ads, etc.). You’ll get a way to measurably improve this via experimentation. 

Analytics & Tracking

You’ll learn a scalable way to plan, implement, and use your conversion tracking and analytics to inform your growth choices.

Here, the magic part is getting the exact templates we used in 8 figure companies to track millions of user and customer events and transactions, designed to use in your business today.

Email Marketing

Writing emails from scratch, hoping they work, is a dangerous strategy. You’ll get fill-in-the-blank templates you can use to increase open rates, increase click-through rates, and increase sales.

You’ll get email templates easily tailored to your business that we proved to work many times in many niches.

Complete Sales System

You’ll quickly set up your complete minimum viable sales system with everything we’ve mentioned before via step-by-step templates and guides.

You’ll design your system from the beginning, from in-depth guides to integrate everything you need.

This includes analytics setup, organic setup, paid setup, email setup, website setup, landing page setup, and more to grow and scale your business into the 7 figure range and beyond. 

Early Stage





Small Business


Here's where we get really crazy

We are SO confident that Growth Accelerator will be the BEST business growth course you have ever purchased that we're willing to put our money where our mouth is by offering this money-back guarantee:

Use our System for 60 days ON US. Go through the program, use all our resources, as well as our unlimited support, If you do not get better results... we will give you 100% of your money back…

We stand behind not only our product, but our commitment to YOU and your success.

But here’s the real kicker… There are strings attached. You see I am dedicated to getting you better results. So I won’t just let you walk away, no questions asked.

If you're not seeing improvement, we'll discuss your challenges, and make actionable recommendations.If you still don't see better results, we’ll be happy to give you a full refund. It really doesn't get any more fair than that, agreed?

That's how absolutely positive we are Growth Accelerator will revolutionize the way you view business growth—as well as reinvent your startup in record time...

Growth Accelerator 60-day-guarantee

You’re working with the best.

We’re Growthy. Our growth knowledge comes from executing these same methods you’re learning with dozens of different companies.

Managed Ad Spend

Revenue Produced

And we want to give you some really awesome gifts today...

We're supremely confident that we're giving you the absolute BEST revenue-enhancing Growth System ever developed.

But we're not stopping there. We want you to be so over-the-top thrilled with your decision to claim your copy of Growth Accelerator today; we are tossing in these incredible bonuses...

FREE! "$50 Million Ads System"
(Value $997)

The very first "get it done even faster" gift we want to give you is our $50 Million Ads System. This strips everything down to the absolute essentials to run profitable ad campaigns so you can get started right away, without having to burn endless hours of learning! This covers all 3 Phases: READY, FIRE, and AIM. Just pick ad networks you want (shown in each section) and dive right in!

Note: Many of our readers tell us that the Ads System was so helpful that they started seeing results within a few hours. We don't believe in wasting time!

  • You'll learn how regularly to post your content, and you'll automate its creation and delivery.
  • You'll learn powerful questions and frameworks you can post to your audience to get a lot of interaction and clicks to your content. 
  • You'll get the tracking system to know exactly how many sales are driven by your social media.
  • At the same time, you'll empower bonus #1, your ads system, by building credibility and expertise, which people will see throughout your ads. 
  • You'll find out the best networks to build right now for your business (not everyone works for every type of business).

FREE! "Social Media That Amplifies Sales" (Value $497)

Social media is poorly done at most companies. Either they put too much effort into getting too little results, or they put too small action and hurt their reputation and sales simultaneously.

When you sign up for Growth Accelerator, you'll get step-by-step ways to build your social media following (for real) and use it to generate sales with minimal effort.

  • You'll learn how regularly to post your content, and you'll automate its creation and delivery.
  • You'll learn powerful questions and frameworks you can post to your audience to get a lot of interaction and clicks to your content. 
  • You'll get the tracking system to know exactly how many sales are driven by your social media.
  • At the same time, you'll empower bonus #1, your ads system, by building credibility and expertise, which people will see throughout your ads. 
  • You'll find out the best networks to build right now for your business (not everyone works for every type of business).

FREE! "Referral Loops To Multiply Every New Customer" (Value $997)

  • You'll step-by-step build the exact strategy to increase the number of referrals each of your user bases is driving.
  • Based on your business type, you'll learn the best types of offers that get people to refer people without costing you an arm and a leg.
  • You'll set up tracking to know which offer works best for you and your results from monitoring.
  • You'll also get swipeable campaigns to drive referrals.
  • You'll find out the best software to use based on your business type and tons more.

FREE! "Building Your Team to Do Work for You" (Value $597)

  • You get the hiring system I use to hire A-Player team members without using expensive $2,000 per month hiring software systems.
  • You'll get the project management for giving your potential candidates an incredible journey when applying.
  • You'll get the templated interview questions that work wonders to weed out low performers.
  • You'll find out the best ways to source A-Players to join your company.
  • You'll also find out some short-term ways to get C-Level and experienced people on your team temporarily.

FREE! "Weekly Q&A Calls + New Growth Content" (Value $797)

  • You get to jump on a call with the Growthy team to ask any burning questions you have.
  • You'll receive a NEW growth tactic live on this call every week.
  • You'll learn from the exact problems everyone else is facing and how it applies to you.
  • You'll get insights and "aha" moments as you see other students see theirs.

FREE! "Six-Figure Money System" (Value $997)

  • You'll build your money system that compounds your wealth and increases your passive income.
  • You'll learn how to allocate your profit so it can be working for you while you sleep.
  • You'll avoid the pitfalls most people run into when they make money.
  • You'll learn a compounding trick that is the opposite of what everyone else tells you to do that gives you better results.

FREE! "Your Compounding Wealth & Marketing Direction" (Value $997)

  • You'll learn this one "woo woo" thing that is causing you not to get the results you want.
  • You'll learn the best direction for your long-term wealth and marketing.
  • You'll get the secret masters who spend all their lives learning will charge you $1,000-$5,000 to get.

FREE! "No Fluff High-Performance Productivity" (Value $797)

  • You'll get the exact process I used to triple my productivity and triple my income in less than two years. 
  • You'll stop doing all those weird things all the other "productivity" gurus want you to do to work in the way that's best for you.
  • You'll learn how to "chunk" your time correctly, so you're always focused on what gives you the results you want.

If You Don't Take Advantage Of This Offer, We Have A Parting "Gift" For You...

You will not like this, but we've been 100% honest with you so far, so we will not stop now.

Our parting "gift" is a dose of reality.

You can keep doing exactly what you're doing now. This will land you stuck in your career or barely breaking even if it doesn't cause you to go bankrupt first. And, even if you manage to escape the "funnels rat race" that comes directly from a "copy everyone else" lifestyle, you won't fully enjoy your life.

You will always be in awe of those people who have so much income and freedom to travel the world, spend time with their loved ones.

Your playtime with your kids and grandkids will be strictly limited to how long you can be away from your phone until your boss needs you again.

Your "midlife crisis" will kick into full gear...all while others who are actively doing the Growth Accelerator system are enjoying a midlife celebration.

The months and years will pass, and you will have LOST a golden opportunity to take advantage of a proven the absolute lowest price that will ever be offered.

Sure, that's not much of a gift...but we believe in tough love.

And we believe in YOU. We believe that you will make the best and only decision for your most excellent chance at turning back the clock, uncovering profit and revenue, and living a life full of satisfaction and enjoyment.

When you make this wise decision, you will...

  1. 1
    Have over a 90% success rate for your product or business ideas
  2. 2
    Rarely if ever be limited by typical "company size" growing pains
  3. 3
    Radically alter the revenue, profit, and customer flow you currently have
  4. 4
    Drop ALL the dead weight in your business in just a few hours a week
  5. 5
    Stop the "insanity" programs that burn your customer list
  6. 6
    Start creating low rabid fans in a way that's proven to defy standard business convention
  7. 7
    And So Much More!

We have two course options

Our Growth Accelerator program costs $1,997 $997 to $5,800 $1997 (one time payment plans). Compare this to hiring a $6,000 per month marketer or $15,000 per month agency.

For scrappy entrepreneurs and marketers willing to put in the work, the Self-Serve Growth Accelerator course is notably valuable to drive growth at your company.

Self-Serve Growth Accelerator

$1,997 $997
Self-paced DIY approach to growing your company.

  • Access the whole Growth Accelerator course for 12 months
  • Ongoing course updates
  • Weekly Q&A calls to review course content + your questions
  • Upgrade to Total Program at any time

Total Growth Accelerator

$5,800 $1,997
Accelerate and reduce risk with our mentorship.

  • Access the whole Growth Accelerator course for 12 months
  • Ongoing course updates
  • Weekly Q&A calls to review course content + your questions
  • Access to a dedicated growth advisor for 6 months
  • In-depth reviews and feedback of everything you build (website, landing pages, ad channels, emails, and much more)
  • We tailor your experience to your business model and product
  • Receive a specially designed strategy & roadmap for your work and niche
  • Flexible payment plans available
  • A no-risk, 7-day refund policy

Questions about which program is right for you?

Schedule a quick chat with our team, and we’ll discuss your goals and determine how we can help.


What will I accomplish after I complete the program?

  • Validate your startup and business ideas.
  • You’ll choose your niche that’s most likely to be successful.
  • Understand and implement a model of growth to grow any business consistently month over month.
  • Set up your offer and product for sale.
  • Build a complete sales system capable of making sales.
  • You’ll set up your website that converts visitors.
  • Track all traffic sources and understand the critical metrics of those networks.
  • You’ll run ads confidently across many ad networks.
  • Craft content that delivers values gets conversions and attracts organic traffic.
  • Set up an email system that moves users through their journey and converts them into customers.
  • You’ll be producing and publishing engaging social content across many networks.
  • Setting up referral programs that attract more customers to your business.
  • Quickly build high-converting landing pages.
  • Write copy for your ads, landing pages, and sales systems that convert.
  • You’ll amplify conversions through ad retargeting.

I’m in another time zone than the United States — can I still take the course?

Yes, definitely. Watch training videos in 1080p, take the course anywhere in the world, yes, even in Bali, in the comfort of your own home.

What’s your refund policy if I find the program isn’t right for me?

There is a 7-day 100% refund policy for the Total program.

We’ve designed this to give you plenty of time to review the syllabus, complete the first module, and confirm the content and structure fit your needs. There is not a refund available for
Self-Serve at this moment.

How is this better than other marketing, growth, business, funnel training programs?

1. Other programs are full of incomplete details that require you to “upgrade” to their next level to do basic things.

They focus other programs on teaching you the “what,” “here’s what you should set up, here’s what you need to do for your business to grow,” with very little practical application of the “how.” We purposely do things differently here.

We design every lesson you go through to compound the results you get, and there is always an action point at the end of each lesson. These action points are things you do to prepare what you’ll do down the line, so if you’re putting together your offer and product, you’ll be using that in a later module for your ads, for your content, and tons more.

Instead of being forced to go back in time to re-do the work, you will do as you learn, and without even realizing it, you’ll be well prepared and live before you know it making sales.

2. Other programs don’t offer limited mentorship, feedback, and support.

In the Total course, you get 1-on-1 mentorship and valuable feedback. Outside the Total course, you’ll be able to ask your advisors questions in the community and during the weekly Q&A call.

3. Other courses are designed for specific types of business or niches.

This is the most massive issue with other courses. The people teaching the class usually have only applied what they are teaching in that business. They have only experimented in that niche.

Here at Growthy, it’s very different. We’ve worked with many clients in many various industries like SaaS, local businesses, coaches, consultants, e-commerce, massive b2b, financial, health and fitness, relationship, and many other types of companies.

We’ve heavily experimented with these EXACT processes you’ll learn in Growth Accelerator to ensure it works for YOUR business, our verdict, IT DOES.

Our process works better than a specialist. We took ideas and strategies from software companies and applied it to local businesses. These local companies do something no other local companies do and perform exceptionally well.

These same principles apply to your business. Most people you compete with are copying someone in their industry, usually doing the same things on the surface.

Growth Accelerator is about setting up systems that scale and grow your business in ways most of your competitors will never do.

4. Other courses only focus on a few tactics, paid, organic, or theory.

The problem with focusing on only a few things is that when you start a new channel or a new “tactic,” it’s incomplete and requires a lot of rework. Many companies approach solving a problem from a specialist’s point of view.

Specialists do what’s best for their specialty. If an ads person wants to run ads and doesn’t work with the content or social aspect, it can run into mismatched ads, journeys, and performance.

In Growth Accelerator, you’re designing all your actions from the beginning to lead to the result. It’s straightforward to start ads, create content, craft emails, create referral programs, start social because, at the core of it all, your system works together to amplify your efforts.

You’ll have your analytics set up in a way where you can track all your efforts and watch every action you take to compound results and sales.

How personalized is Growth Accelerator?

Every niche and company growth strategy is unique. Growth Accelerator will be no different — while we have templates, you can easily apply to any business. We also have execution guides for specific types of companies.

With the Total course, you’re assigned a dedicated growth mentor. Your mentor takes time to understand your strategy, product, and goals to create a custom strategy and tailor your experience accordingly.

How? We’ve produced a comprehensive course we’re continually improving and adding the latest findings to. Just as an excellent advisor does in any university, your advisor will prioritize your company’s most impactful topics with a custom plan.

You’ll also get feedback and reviews on what you produce, such as ensuring you set up your sales process well. Your ad channels are ready to get clicks and tracking correctly and act as a strategic advisor to help you implement. You learn so you can get results throughout the program.

How is this worth the price?

Because it works. You’ll gain the exact processes that 1000s of companies have used to produce thousands to millions in additional revenue. Whether you take the course to understand the structure, you handing off the execution guides to your team, you’ll also have the set of skills these companies used to produce those results.

We design this program to pay for itself within 42 days. Because you’ll have a complete system that can make sales, and you’ll start bringing in qualified traffic hungry for your product.

One student
generated selling education course made $24,000 in sales within a month (with $8,000 pending as of this writing) and has had to turn down some people because of their limited spots available.

Another student who owns a local business created their sales system, turned on ads, reduced their monthly ad spend budget from $35,000 -> $10,000.
They watched their 7-figure business grow 75% in less than a year.

Many companies hire high-end marketing & growth agencies and consultants for $10k+ per month and never see those kinds of returns. We’ve worked at these agencies before and have seen client waste and fleecing (which is why we quit).

So we stand by our stance that a single payment of $5,800 is one of the best investments you’ll make.

What if I want more hands-on help and feedback?

The Total course comes with 6 months of mentorship and review sessions. Suppose you need more time to finish the course or want to extend access to your advisor. In that case, we offer affordable month-to-month extended plans.

How does it work day-to-day?

Here’s the process of each module and lesson:

  • Each lesson starts with the core concepts and video lessons. For example, if you’re learning to set up Google Ads, you’ll go through understanding the best ways to plan and strategize on google ads. Both teaching all the core components and prepping to set up your own ads.
  • Then you start on the project, the action item itself. Staying with the Google Ads example, you’ll plan your account structure, do step-by-step keyword research, and put this all into a google sheet or excel document. You’ll then upload this document, with the pre-defined format + keywords, and have campaigns and ad groups ready to write ads.
  • While you’re working on these projects and execution plan, you’ll be able to attend our weekly Q&A call to ask questions for more understanding and use our community.
  • If you’re part of the Total program, you’ll have your advisor available to review your work. They’ll make suggestions for tweaks (they’ll record videos or write a step-by-step guide) and give you feedback on the exact steps you need to do.
  • You’ll make their changes and submit your updated work.
  • You’ll work with your advisor as many times as it takes to get to a production-ready process so you can confidently put your ads up into the world.

How long would it take for me to finish Total Growth Accelerator?

Most students, on average, complete the course in 2-3 months. We design this program for busy entrepreneurs, marketers, consultants, coaches, and professionals who balance a full-time job or company. These folks spend a few hours a day working on the course.

If you can allow more time per week, you can complete the course in 7 weeks or fewer.

Luckily, we give you up to 6 months to complete the course with your advisor, which provides a lot of flexibility and buffer. We understand life happens, so even taking off a few weeks from the course to handle other issues is OK, as you’ll have plenty of time to get through it all.

I’m a non-technical business owner who wants to grow my business. Is the course right for me?

It depends.

We created Growth Accelerator to be as simple as possible that even non-technical folks can follow along. If you have a team member more technical, you’ll have execution guides to hand off to them.

You could even hire someone to handle some aspects of Growth Accelerator. This would be perfectly fine. Because if you’re not ready to dive into analytics ads and other things, you can take the theory and execution guides and have someone implement them to your specification.

Suppose you have a business generating 6 figures in profits, and you have a team handling execution. Growth Accelerator can probably help you double your earnings, but it’s not what we’d recommend. Our next level course “Scaling Growth” would be better for you here, to help you from 6 figures in profits to 7 figures in profits.

We design Growth Accelerator to take you from the ground up, from idea to execution, from execution to sales in the shortest time possible. It works great for people who are non-technical and want to speed up their business growth to 6 figures in profit.

I’m a consultant or coach trying to grow my client base. Is the course right for me?

Yes, everything in Growth Accelerator helps you get the leads to turn into clients in your coaching or consulting business.

All you’re doing is putting a compelling offer/product in front of people, nurturing them to purchase, and building your client base. Coaches and consultants use Growth Accelerator to do precisely that while saving time from having to deal with all the overhead of running a consulting or coaching business.

I’m an experienced growth marketer craving to uplevel my skills. Is the course right for me?

Here it depends. Are you a senior growth marketer who understands all acquisition channels, growth loops, and deep level strategy across the full marketing stack? Here, Growth Accelerator may not be for you (but Scaling Growth, our next-level course, might be better for you).

If you’re a specialist who works in one field and has for many years like an email marketing specialist or a Google Ads specialist, this works great. If you want a full marketing stack experience to grow your career, you’ll be right at home in Growth Accelerator.

If your goal is deep mastery of one specific subject, there are definitely better courses out there for you. But suppose your goal is to uplevel a broad level of skills to drive more growth in your business or the company you work for. In that case, Growth Accelerator will speed up the results you get because of the practical hands-on experience and mentorship.

Who should take the program?

Growth Accelerator is a fit for anyone looking to push revenue and profit growth in a new or existing company using modern channels and advanced acquisition tactics.

This training works well for founders, business owners, consultants, coaches, marketers, employees at startups, and senior marketers heavily specialized in one area or not caught up on tactics and channels working today.

Growth Accelerator is also valuable for companies with mature systems and looking for a way to modernize their revenue growth and marketing stack.

Should I hire a premium marketing agency or full-time marketing staff instead of enrolling in the program?

It depends on your needs. We drafted a detailed guide here if you should or shouldn’t hire a marketing agency or full-time marketer yet.

It boils down to your maturity and needs. The upside to hiring an agency or full-time marketer is that they can help you execute quickly and act as resources to support your current efforts. This means if you have too much to do, have an excellent strategy in place, and earning good revenue now, and want to expand that, these folks can help you grow.

The large con is the expense and the result. Many agencies would love to keep you as a client forever, so they’ll drag out and advise you to do things that make you look good but don’t help your bottom line.

Some will charge you at a minimum of $5,000 per month for essential functions, and you can see upwards to $10,000 or more for not very much concrete work that delivers results.

A full-time marketer is an enormous investment, and mediocre folks here can cost you $4000 - $10,000.

Most marketers have little experience out of specialization of some sort. Sometimes they have social, ads only, email only, etc. Suppose you ask a marketer to grow your business without having a solid foundation and strategy. In that case, you’ll be burning a lot of money.

To succeed with marketing agencies and full-time marketers, you must have a sound system to work in and tell them what to do to grow your business.

Only you have the best interest in your business. Strategy, marketing, and sales are never something you should completely delegate. A little focus from you and understanding, with Growth Accelerator, would 2-4x the results you get from hiring an agency or marketer.

Investing in Growth Accelerator has enormous upside potential and minimal risk. It reduces your risk when you implement the execution plans. We design everything to compound because you set up the process and create the playground to bring in specialists (agencies or marketers) to take what you’re doing to the next level.

Outside the investment in the course, what should I budget for running ads?

There are many aspects of the program that don’t require an ad budget. There are many sections dedicated to content, organic efforts, social and cold outreach. If you’re interested in focusing on only organic efforts, 85% of the course covers this.

Now, ads done right is an uncommon thing that can significantly speed up your revenue and profit. Because we put a heavy emphasis on analytics and tracking, you’ll know down to the day how much revenue your ads generate. You know the best performing campaigns, so you can quickly generate profitable revenue with ads. We’d highly recommend even just having a $3k budget for your whole course experience because you’ll learn strategies to rapidly test if something is working and double down on the best performers.

Set yourself up for success with proven ad copy frameworks, landing pages, and conversion processes. You’ll treat ads to AMPLIFY what you’re doing vs. RELYING on ads to make your business function.

We teach and preach ourselves that ads are not a bandaid to grow a company, just to amplify our efforts to speedily prove products, to get more sales from people who would never find us and use it as a well to drive growth in our business, alongside all our other efforts.