Life Is Hard If We Live It The Easy Way, Life Is Easy If We Live It The Hard Way

I figured out a huge revelation about a phrase we use during difficult times while speaking to my friend a few days ago.

We were talking about love and how there is a limitless flow of love into ourselves and it is our responsibility to recognize it. (By the way, now I know what enlightenment is and walking toward it day by day).

We were talking about a phrase which I mentioned in a post two days ago.

The phrase we use in our daily lives is “Easier Said Than Done.”

Which is a sad phrase by the way.

It’s an excuse of a phrase to say it’s more difficult to do something that is beneficial to us than actually do it.

It’s also an excuse not to do the good thing.

We might say it in a situation where someone says we should exercise.

We reply back “easier said than done” so we don’t have to feel that we have an obligation to do it and excuse ourselves from the positive behavior that would only add to our lives.

Here is my revelation, the statement is 100% false.

100% false.

You might be thinking that, NO it’s a true phrase, there are things that are just easier to say than do!

That’s true, in the short term.

The title of this post is the revelation with this phrase “easier said than done.”

Life is hard if we live life by “easier said than done.”

Life is easy if we live life by “easier done than said.”

The reason life is harder with phrase #1 is because in the short term, we don’t go through temporary pain to make our lives better.

But in the long term, we don’t gain the benefit of whatever thing we could have done to make our lives better.

We also might start kicking ourselves and suffering because we know we should do whatever it is we are saying the phrase to and we suffer.

Life is just plainly harder that way.

If we don’t life by our convictions and take simple steps of growth to make our lives better in the long term, life is harder.

Now, if we start doing things because we believe they are easier done than said, then life gets easier.

Because in the short term we might be uncomfortable, doing things we don’t usually do.

But over time it becomes a habit, and it adds positive value to our lives.

We start doing what we say we are going to be doing and in turn makes our lives easier.

Every positive habit we do compounds.

If we build 12 positive habits in one year (thats one habit a every month/30 days) they compound and exponentially make our lives better faster.

That’s the true secret to success and a truly fulfilling and great life, make tiny successes that make our lives better and better.

No one ever made it over night, never made it big in one day.


No matter how much we want to believe that people are overnight successes.

It took years of failures and practice to become successful.

Think of any example and any person.

It took many failures and effort to get where they are.

They also lived by the code “Easier Done Than Said” because they wanted something more in their life.

Which code do you want to live by today?

Which code WILL you live by?

By Bobby Huang

Bobby Huang creates videos and content to help his readers get the most out of their lives. He focuses on getting the most results with the least effort in Information Products and Passive Income. It's not lazy, just called being effective bro.