Little Tweaks In Life

Much of the time, it’s the little tweaks in life that will make a big difference.

Spend 2 hours before bed off the computer, get better sleep.

Read a self help book for 30 minutes per day, it will add up.

Drink more water per day, your health will improve.

Most of these tweaks are habits and don’t require much effort after the first 30 days.

The first 30 days is the hardest.

Though with those litte tweaks, life will dramatically improve.

Same happens for negative things, one less star bucks drink per day means tons of saved money over time and less sugar, and one star bucks drink per day means more sugar and less money per day.

By Bobby Huang

Bobby Huang creates videos and content to help his readers get the most out of their lives. He focuses on getting the most results with the least effort in Information Products and Passive Income. It's not lazy, just called being effective bro.