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The Best Video Editing Program

There actually is a best video editing program.

One that works the way we want it.

The video editing program we would feel the most comfortable using.

The one that has all the right settings, in the right place.

In the right order, and in the right image.

It isn’t any specific video editing program.

I used to think I needed the next best thing to be able to make great video.

I didn’t.

I just needed to understand editing, and finally, I can make great videos without much effort or thought.

If I just understood what was important, editing becomes seamless and quick.

I’ll reveal to your my favorite programs, BUT remember they are my favorite because I can easily use them and have learned the most important parts of editing.

For end editing, where I put everything together, Adobe Premiere Pro is my favorite.

For screen recording on a Mac, Screenflow is my favorite.

I can use other programs as well, and if you have a favorite that’s easy to use, stick to it and use the important parts of editing to get good video.

A master guitar player can make great sounding music from the $99 guitar.

An amateur guitar player with no skills or understanding of the guitar can’t make good sounding music with a $10,000 guitar.

It’s not about the tool, it’s about the user of the tool!


Life Is Hard If We Live It The Easy Way, Life Is Easy If We Live It The Hard Way

I figured out a huge revelation about a phrase we use during difficult times while speaking to my friend a few days ago.

We were talking about love and how there is a limitless flow of love into ourselves and it is our responsibility to recognize it. (By the way, now I know what enlightenment is and walking toward it day by day).

We were talking about a phrase which I mentioned in a post two days ago.

The phrase we use in our daily lives is “Easier Said Than Done.”

Which is a sad phrase by the way.

It’s an excuse of a phrase to say it’s more difficult to do something that is beneficial to us than actually do it.

It’s also an excuse not to do the good thing.

We might say it in a situation where someone says we should exercise.

We reply back “easier said than done” so we don’t have to feel that we have an obligation to do it and excuse ourselves from the positive behavior that would only add to our lives.

Here is my revelation, the statement is 100% false.

100% false.

You might be thinking that, NO it’s a true phrase, there are things that are just easier to say than do!

That’s true, in the short term.

The title of this post is the revelation with this phrase “easier said than done.”

Life is hard if we live life by “easier said than done.”

Life is easy if we live life by “easier done than said.”

The reason life is harder with phrase #1 is because in the short term, we don’t go through temporary pain to make our lives better.

But in the long term, we don’t gain the benefit of whatever thing we could have done to make our lives better.

We also might start kicking ourselves and suffering because we know we should do whatever it is we are saying the phrase to and we suffer.

Life is just plainly harder that way.

If we don’t life by our convictions and take simple steps of growth to make our lives better in the long term, life is harder.

Now, if we start doing things because we believe they are easier done than said, then life gets easier.

Because in the short term we might be uncomfortable, doing things we don’t usually do.

But over time it becomes a habit, and it adds positive value to our lives.

We start doing what we say we are going to be doing and in turn makes our lives easier.

Every positive habit we do compounds.

If we build 12 positive habits in one year (thats one habit a every month/30 days) they compound and exponentially make our lives better faster.

That’s the true secret to success and a truly fulfilling and great life, make tiny successes that make our lives better and better.

No one ever made it over night, never made it big in one day.


No matter how much we want to believe that people are overnight successes.

It took years of failures and practice to become successful.

Think of any example and any person.

It took many failures and effort to get where they are.

They also lived by the code “Easier Done Than Said” because they wanted something more in their life.

Which code do you want to live by today?

Which code WILL you live by?


Should We Focus On Our Strengths Or Weaknesses?

Both and neither at the same time.

There are huge consistencies when we truly boil down strengths and weaknesses.

Many times they are opposites and if we focus on one, the other one gets better. Meaning they both get better.

I learned today, my biggest weakness is that I don’t know anything naturally. Most things I have learned in my life are by conscious choice.

My greatest strength happens to be that I can focus and learn nearly anything I set my mind to.

What happens when I build my strength? It gets stronger. Why is my strength so big? Because my weakness exists. If I didn’t have that weakness, my strength would be so strong.

They help each other, and we can apply this in our daily lives!

Personally, I’d say to focus on making your strength stronger, as your weakness will improve in one way or another because of it.

Productivity Psychology

Easier Done Than Said

What happens if we reframe such a simple phrase as “Easier Said Than Done” as something new?

What if we start to believe the story we tell ourselves about the new frame as “Easier Done Than Said”?

It becomes true. It becomes our story. Logically it doesn’t make sense, and we might argue with it.

That’s because we are choosing to need to see before we believe.

Now what if we started believing before seeing so that our beliefs make what we want to see a self fulfilling prophecies?

A lot of what ifs there. Ah well, what if we just started believing?


The Only Place Decisions Can Be Made

There is only one place decisions can be made.

What do I mean by decisions? Well, it’s those things we must make to move forward in life.

If we don’t make choices or decisions, we don’t make progress, and progress itself is our path toward freedom.

If a decisions comes into our life.

Say to pick a career path or even a lover. If we don’t make a decisions to choose one, then what happens is we don’t get either one and we move toward depression (because depression is NOT making decisions).

We lose freedom as a result of not making a decision. A decision to commit to someone is actually freedom, freedom from the pain of being alone or not having what we seek most in life.

If we let someone else make a commitment decision for us, then we lose freedom because we are not making a decisions and if someone makes it for us it can be considered the past or future, because our decisions can only be made in the present.

Now depression can be said to be in the past or future. Because we may not make decisions worrying about what was, and what could be.

Decisions can both be positive and negative, though overall they are healthier than depression or not making a decisions at all.

To launch that product or to research that product or to deliver the results you want your clients to get, these are all decisions that must be made in the present.

We can only make decisions in the present, we might use info from the past or future to influence our decisions.

Though we can only make choices in the present.


Knowing The 4 Human Temperaments Will Change Your Life

Everyone is born with a temperament, they could be action oriented, analytical, focused on relationships, supportive, or many other things.

There has been studies and there are 4 categories nearly all human temperaments fit into and understanding these 4 will help you find the best employees for specific , best friends, and even best lovers. I’ll tell you about the 4 temperaments more in detail in another writing.

You know who Romeo and Juliet are right? What happened to them?

Yep, they killed themselves in a tragic way. They were very similar temperaments and similar temperaments do NOT do well in the long term in a relationship.

Now, if they were the opposite temperament, they would make up for each other’s weakness and be even more attracted to each other. Personally I think the story is meant as a warning to people to NOT seek out someone similar to ourselves.


Marketing Psychology

Clients Don’t Buy Because Of Benefits, Features or Ideas But Because Of

Stories. Stories spread through users.

What story could you tell your client or have your client tell themselves about your product?

Most products are wants not needs. “Needs are pratical and objective, wants are irrational and subjective.”



How To Make Money Online

How To Make Money Online

1. Don’t buy any make money quick training programs or books because they will cause you to spend money (especially the purchase of the item) doing things that do not produce value for other people.

2. As Seth Godin has said, don’t google How To Make Money Online because most of the results (except his) is designed to make you spend money on their “method” or product that they make money from.

3. Don’t follow people who flaunt their wealth in the extreme and then say “you can make $5000 per month doing what I do!” There is a guy in Singapore who targets many countries in Asia flaunts his airplane and 6 figure car while what he teaches is 8 year old material – affiliate marketing promising or luring people into thinking they can easily make $5000 per month from it. Do you see the disconnect? After looking at his website and other things he does, he makes nearly all his money from teaching people how to make money. His pitch during his seminar happened from even before he stepped on stage and he opened with, “I just flew in on my airplane.”

4. Provide true value people seek. This is the most important one. Did you know there is a blog with a person who writes in the 3rd person about celebrity shoes that makes 6 figures and more a year? The value this guy provides is entertainment and a unique story he gives to his readers. Providing value is simple, just giving them something they truly want and need, a solution you have that will help them get to where they want to be.

5. Truly care and provide results. It’s better to make a person a long time or lifetime customer through your ability to demonstrate you will sacrifice short term profits to make sure they get the results they need. Lets say you had a potential customer who sent you an email and said, “hey, I know you have your product coming out soon but, Roger said to wait to buy it because he is going to offer a super valuable bonus. I really want to get your product now, but I also want to get Roger’s bonus. What should I do?”

Now you could say to him to buy directly from you so you don’t have to pay the commission or be cool and say, “definitely wait, whatever Roger has will be worth it and my product will be here for you to buy later.”

Now the customer appreciate’s that you will give up short term profit for his benefit which overall is a win/win situation and your customers will appreciate that.

6. Create a story. Stories are easy to follow for people. Create a story around your product, around what happens if they use it, around how it came about and about what happens if they don’t use it.

7. Make money offline first. Make money offline and then work on making money online. The Internet isn’t some magical place where people will just give you money, it’s just more efficient.

8. Make it a cause. No matter how big or small it is, make sure there is a cause for your buyers to keep in mind. Whether part of their purchase goes to build schools for orphan children or your focus in on a healthier relationship for them so their kids can grow up in good families, make it a cause.

9. Be seen as the most trusted advisor your future potential customers can have in whatever niche you are seeking, and BE the most trusted advisor to them.

Productivity Videos

How To Manage Emails Automatically With Filters

In this presentation, you are going to learn how to automatically filter emails with filters.

The power of this means less useless emails in your inbox, and you able to focus more on what you want to get done in life.

Email is basically someone else’s agenda for you, so if we go check our emails, the email wants us to take action to do something.

Filtering the emails that don’t help us go where we want in life will save us more time and allow us to be more productive.

How did this help you? Let me know in the comments below so I can make more awesome videos.


Are You Making This Marketing Mistake?

All the Different Parts of Marketing

Integrating marketing in everything is key for creating the best customer experience, and the best customer experience usually means they are more likely to buy.

This is a mistake most folks make, whether with an information product business or brick and mortar store.

We create content or products which are not specifically directed or create a consistent experience our customers can go through.

When I say integrate marketing into everything, it literally means everything.

From how your prospect (or potential customer) finds you on your opt-in page or pay-per-click advertisement, all the way to after they already bought or didn’t buy your product.

This also includes your blog posts, your emails, your videos, and your audio files, and much more.

It’s a mistake not to include marketing into your product either.

I’m not saying you should spam your user with your marketing of “buy this now” crap, more over integrating your message into everything you do.

If you want to teach folks how to lose weight, well, you’ll always need to integrate your message, maybe it’s lose weight with less effort, so you might mention “in little or no effort this technique” and sort it around like that.

What exactly do I mean by marketing?

Many folks say the different components of marketing make up marketing. Such as branding, advertisements, research, competitors analysis, and etc.

Yea they are all parts of marketing, but what is the main goal of marketing?

It’s for your customer to buy your product or buy it in the future or tell someone else about it.

I really like to repeat myself.

Marketing is for your customer to buy your product or buy it in the future or tell someone else about it.

The biggest marketing mistake before not integrating marketing into everything you do, is letting someone else do your marketing.

Someone else who may not be as passionate as you, someone else who doesn’t care how well you succeed, as long as they get paid. Who knows more about your product than you?

These folks don’t usually get paid on commission of what YOU make, usually a commission of what you spend, so their goal is for you to spend so they make more.

The marketing message gets jumbled and folks start to make marketing about who can win the most useless awards or who can make people laugh or who can make people cry.

Really, the most important thing for you, is for your customer to buy, buy, buy or buy it in the future, or tell someone else about it.

How To Integrate Marketing Into Everything

It all boils down to one thing, when you want your customer to buy, you have to really answer this question your potential customer asks.

“What’s in it for me?” 

Basically, what benefits does your customer receive when they first read whatever you are giving to them.

Of course you’ll need a good headline or title, but that’s for another post.

Before you start any email, any blog post, any product, any video, any whatever, just make sure you tell your customer what benefit they get from doing what they are about to do.

Think about the benefit they’ll get and start creating from that point of view.

Tell them the “why” they should read what they are about to read or buy what they are about to buy.

Also to really understand your market is key to marketing.

You really need to understand what message your customer wants to receive or what message will keep them interested.

This is the marketing message.

Think of the book the 4 Hour Work Week. That title in itself tells you what the goal is.

The message in the book is consistent throughout the book, work less and get more results by being more effective and challenging the status quo.

That message is consistent from beginning to end, and on his blog as well. Nearly every blog post is about how to get more out of doing less.

People know what to expect when they follow him or read his books. It’s a consistent customer experience and likely best for the type of experience he wants for his prospects and customers.

When you integrate marketing into everything you do, including the product itself (remember my definition for marketing up top?), your customer has a better experience and is more likely to tell someone else about it.

They are more likely to buy from you. And possibly become 1 of your 1000 true fans.

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Why You Should Sometimes Ignore Good Advice

pushing one another
Sometimes We Just Need the Extra Push in the Right Direction

Ignoring good advice can help you progress further into life and actually create information products which will help people and create passive income for you.

We receive a lot of good advice from people who care about us.

They give us this advice because they think what they say will help us.

They consider this advice good.

Personally, I remember my closest friend telling me that he will never read an article or blog post if there was grammatical error.

This was when I started my very first blog. Which incidentally he pointed out was filled with some grammatical errors.

He reviewed a lot of the articles and stopped reading it.

Well, I stopped writing because I thought I wasn’t a good writer back then.

This seemingly is good advice, but negative for my progress.

It was better I wrote articles and publish them, than try to perfect every article and not publish them.

There is also a hidden agenda behind good advice from people close to you.

The Hidden Agenda

Unless their focus is seeing you succeed no matter what, I find this “good” advice is actually purposely to bring us back.

Let me give you an example.

Have you ever seen or heard about folks talking about a bucket filled with crabs?

There are usually some brave crabs who can and try to climb out of the bucket.

As this brave crab tries to climb out, the other crabs pull him down.

They don’t want this crab to progress and get out of the bucket while the rest sit back.

This is what most humans do.

This is what our families, our friends, our mentors, and other folks we might look to for “good” advice do.

When someone close to them in becoming better in life, whether a new job, a new girlfriend or boyfriend, or working on projects which produce wealth, it makes this person look at themselves and not like themselves.

They don’t want to face reality that they are being left behind, so they’ll pull us on the shoulder and say “hey, think about what you are doing.”

They want to pull us back, but most of the time, they don’t even realize it.

Forgive them for trying to pull us back, and we can keep moving forward.

I’m not saying all family or friends or mentors do this, I’m just saying this is a normal activity practiced.

This is why we should find people, a mastermind filled with people who want to help each other progress in life.

Because the more everyone progresses in this group, the more they progress.

The people close to us have good intentions with their “good” advice, though the result may be us not launching our information product.

Publishing that blog post.

Creating that membership website.

Publishing that video on youtube.

The best thing we can do is ignore the “good” advice given to us by people who want us to stay on the same level as them.

Sometimes when they are giving the advice, we are best off saying, please stop, I appreciate your advice, but I’m just going to do what I was going to do.

Start Failing

When we start ignoring “good” advice, we can start making our own mistakes, learning from our failures and launch successful information products and businesses.

We just need to take the first step, who knows what could really happen.


Remember the friend I was talking about who told me he wouldn’t read any articles posts with errors?

We also had a lengthy talk about Information Products.

He said all Information should be free on the internet. Any information product that exists, he can find the information on the internet.

So he thinks information products are a waste of money and everyone who makes information products are trying to scam someone.

This was even after telling him some of the info products I’ve used, which helped me become a better man, taught me video making skills, taught me how to create lists which help people, and other great stuff.

Yea, it’s true that most everything in an info product can be found on the internet.

But, not everyone can spend 80 hours in a week researching one subject when they can just have an info product which teaches them how to solve their problem in 3 hours.

Time vs Money in this situation.

Also, have you ever tried to solve specific math problem homework in calculus using Google?

Tell me how that goes.

Get started, help folks, teach folks, I want to see what you make, and I want you to do better and better everyday.

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Are You Making This Productivity Mistake?

Relax, Breathe, Become Productive

There are many ways to double productivity. And when productivity is doubled, life becomes easier and results are made faster.

If we complete the most important tasks of the day in the beginning of our days, it sets a flow for our day and increase our productivity.

Breaks should be taken too because breaks allow us to focus more when we are actually working.

Many of us start our days without breakfast, without taking proper times for ourselves.

We also haphazardly focus on work in a bad manner, we tackle the urgent matters before the important matters.

Usually urgent matters are not important matters and important matters are not urgent.

An example of an urgent event is when someone wants to complete an expensive report so they can submit it.

An important matter would be writing that important business proposal which can bring in $30,000 of additional revenue.

We need to start our days off on a better foot by focusing on the important matters first.

A morning ritual is necessary. A morning ritual is something we would do every morning which will clear our mind and prepare us for the day.

An example would be:

  1. Wake Up
  2. Drink half a liter of water
  3. Brushing Teeth and using Bathroom
  4. Exercise for 20-30 minutes
  5. Shower
  6. 5 minutes of Meditation
  7. 30 Minutes of Positive non Fiction Reading

After a morning ritual is finished, the first 2 hours of a day should be spent doing the most important tasks of the day.

These first 2 hours should be spent in 50 or 25 minute chunks with 10 minute or 5 minutes breaks.

At the end of the 2nd 50 minute or 4th 25 minute chunk, a 30 minute break would be taken.

An example would be:

  1. 50 Minutes of Focused Work
  2. 10 Minute Break
  3. 50 Minutes of Focused Work
  4. 30 Minute Break

During the 50 minutes of focused work, we turn off our cell phones, close our doors, close our email programs, and let everyone know not to bother us for 50 minutes.

We’d also set a timer for 50 minutes, personally I use the free program focus booster.

During our 50 minutes of focused work, we also don’t multi task, we focus on one task.

During our 10 and 30 minute breaks, we completely unplug from our work. Maybe we take a walk, get some water, or Facebook it up, whatever it is, it is not related to work.

Doing these 50 minutes chunks of focused works I find more than doubles my productivity.

It actually makes it 400% more effective, because instead of writing part of blog posts, creating parts of videos, I’m able to complete them.

Spending our time doing the important things in our lives in focused chunks makes the rest of our day flow.

We can spend the rest of the day taking care of the urgent matters or keep focusing on the important matters.

If we keep focusing on the urgent matters first, it feels like we are being productive.

More than anything, we are just spinning our wheels if we focus on urgent matters.

How will you be more productive today?


Information Products

The Types of Information Products You Can Create

Information Products
So many Information Products

Knowing what types of information product you can create, will make it a lot easier to create an information product faster that can produce passive income for you sooner.

There are many different types of information products. Depending on who you talk to, people think some products are not information products, and some think the same products are info products.

Lets define what an information product is.

Here’s my definition of an Information Product:

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Any digital/consumable product which teaches, facilitates, or helps people solve a problem.[/typography]

By consumable, I mean anything that can be a DVD, CD, physical books, physical product people can use to learn to solve a problem.

Digital just means online video, ebooks, audio, phone calls, tele seminars, webinars, and whatever on the internet.

And what do I mean by solve a problem? It’s a very broad saying.

Basically, anything that helps someone get to where they want to be. For example, I want to be a better golfer. If I read a golfing book, the book can help me become a better golfer. Bam, problem solved.

Now, lets dig a little deeper and talk about the two types of Information Products.

There is the passive Information Product, and there is the active Information Products.

The passive Information Product is something you create once, and put it in a sales funnel or sales page that people can buy whenever they want. This is what you want to create passive income.

The active Information Product is something which requires your active engagement to make money. This would be coaching, seminars, webinars (not automated), and other stuff which needs you there.

Now, one of the best techniques to make a passive Information Product is to create an active Information Product like a seminar, record it, edit it, and distribute it online.

You can do the same with webinars and other types of active Information Products to make passive Information Products.

Active Information Products are great for researching your niche and information product market. A niche is basically a segment of the market (the consumers of your product) that you are targeting.

Here is an extensive list of different type of information products for both categories:

Passive Information Product:

  • Ebook
  • Audiobook
  • Podcast Series (finished)
  • VIP (Video Information Product)
  • Teleseminar Series (finished)
  • Webinars (automated)
  • Blog (finished)
  • DVD Programs
  • CD Programs
  • Software (finished)
  • Email Auto Responder Series
  • Websites
  • Membership Websites (automated)

Active Information Product:

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Podcasts
  • Seminar
  • Live Internet Streaming Video
  • Webinars Live
  • Teleseminar Live
  • Coaching Live
  • Blogging
  • Software (updated)
  • Email Broadcasts Series
  • Websites
  • Membership websites (updated)

These are just different types of Information Products.

For each type of Info Product, you can create different types of them and even combine them.

For example, in a Video Information Product, you can create a 12 week coaching program (like I’m doing), you can include over 200 videos, some audio recordings, and some ebooks.

You can also include webinars you already recorded in the VIP and other stuff. It’s not limited to just videos in your VIP.

There are honestly a ton of different types of Info Products you can create.

It can be overwhelming.

It might be best to start small, with a 30 page ebook for sale at $37, and then move onto other projects.

Or start big and create a 15 week Video Information Product and sell it for $497.

The best thing you can do before you start any information product, is market research.

I’ll cover market research over several different blog posts.

Which Info Product will you start making today?


Productivity Technology Videos

This Simple Program Will Secure Your Online Info Product Accounts

Did you know creating a secure password is more important today than it was in the last two decades?

Hackers are becoming more sophisticated and have more powerful computers to hack your online accounts.

They can use several methods to get into your account from brute force attempts to stealing your passwords via Wi-Fi.

The whole purpose of the program LastPass is to make it more difficult for these folks to get into your account, which will protect you from 95%+ of hackers (I totally made that number up, but I think it’s true).

The program also stores your login user names, so it makes it one simple click to log into a website.

I remember working for a company who had use make secure passwords and constantly change them every month. Needless to say, most of us were resetting our passwords and wasting IT’s time with the stupid passwords.

LastPass acts as a central area to your passwords, where you can generate really secure passwords no one would ever guess in one million years. They might guess in two million years though.

If someone gets into one of your business accounts, lets say, business banking, they can send out checks to tons of locations and people. Banks are notoriously bad at letting you know or stopping people from even charging your account via checking account numbers.

[quote]100 grams of prevention prevents a kilo of pain. Or an ounce of prevention prevents a pound of pain.[/quote]

Here is an example of a secure password:

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]3WaF0*^aGhrXpsvRr2!1[/typography]

Will you ever guess that password? I won’t. I just generated it from my Lastpass account.

The best part of Lastpass is, it’s FREE.

I’ll show you in this video step by step on how to set up the program and start creating secure passwords.

This small action step will save you hours upon hours in a week by not having to remember your user names or passwords.

What do you do to secure your passwords and online accounts?


Productivity Technology Videos

How a Central Email Account Will Save You 1 Hour a Day

This strategy of one central email saves me over one hour a day when checking email.

A central email is one account where you receive and send out ALL your emails. I have over 30 emails so this saves me a ton of time, and will save you a ton of time with email.

More time to spending learning and creating our information products yo!

Basically I use gmail, and connect all my accounts to that account, and connect even more email accounts to the 5 accounts connected to my central gmail account.

I’ll show you step by step in this video how to do it.

How do you manage your email? Let me know in the comments below


Information Products Psychology

How to Become an Expert in Information Product Creation

Stand out in front of your peers as an Expert

Once you develop the expertise in the skill of content creation, marketing, and information product development, making money and creating value after this becomes easy and systematic.

When you create value for someone, they will want to pay you for it. Value might be organizing information so they don’t have to search for it or teaching them skills no one else could teach them.

An argument against information products is this:

[quote]With the internet, I can find the answers to everything I want, free, why would I or someone else buy a product someone else makes when I can get it for free on the web?[/quote]

This statement is absolutely true, you will find most of the information you may look for on the internet, but do you remember the last time you used google to find something a bit complicated? Like how to solve a specific math equation? Or thorough instructions on building a house from scratch?

I just recently researched how to change hyperlink text color on a website, had to change my search a few times before I found out how to change a specific link instead of a whole page.

Here is something which is inherently true, people are lazy. If someone’s time is worth $25 dollars an hour, and they could pay you $97 to save them 30 hours of research, 80% of those folks will buy.

I have a good friend. He would never ever buy anything online that isn’t a physical product, and even when he buys physical products, he spend days, sometimes months researching the BEST deal. He values the $20-80 dollars he saves on a product over the 30-60 hours he spends researching it.

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Optimizers[/typography]

We call these folks who try to find the best deal with as much research as possible, optimizers. A lot of the time, even after they get what they researched and spent tons of time on, they are unhappy with the product when they find it somewhere else cheaper, or a new model comes out.

They will not buy your information product, and you really don’t want to sell them anyway, they are the annoying 20% with lots of demands.

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Satifisers[/typography]

Now the folks who spend a less time looking for the best computer speakers, the best computer, the best TV, they usually find what they like, buy it, and are happy with it until it breaks. They realize their 30-60 hours of time is more valuable than the $20-80 dollars they would save on a buy.

These are the folks who want to buy your product because you will teach them something they want to learn and they don’t want to spend dozens, hundreds, or thousands of hours researching whatever you are an expert at.

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Becoming an Expert[/typography]

Right now you have a skill you are an expert with. You are better at this than everyone you know. You’ve spent more time doing this, and have become great at it for years.

This skill you have might be helping someone calm down, making someone smile, learning anything fast, knowing how to get someone to buy your product, typing really fast, reading fast, playing computer games, and loads of other stuff.

With these skills and a bit of work, you are on your way to creating your information product to help other people.

We didn’t become great with our best skill in one day. We spent months, years of our lives learning how to do what we do. We are going to spend more time learning how we can help other people in whatever way we can.

To become an expert at something valuable to your customers, it takes consistent:

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Practice[/typography]

Do you want to become an expert or genius at something?

Have you ever heard of The Beatles? If not, well, they are a band, from England, most likely the famous band in the world. The band is no longer together (for decades now) and their music still influences many bands in the world. They recently appeared on iTunes in 2010, you know that music store, and well, they are selling more CDs and songs than many of the most popular band’s today.

Personally, I think they will not beat Lady Gaga’s sales for a while, she is a genius at doing what she does which is entertaining people.

They appeared on the scene of music, out of nowhere to most people in the 1960’s. Bam, British invasion, they become really popular in the United States and the world. For 10 years they dominated the music scene.

You know all those girls that scream at those N’sync and Back Street Boys concerts? Well The Beatles had more than them.

Brother’s and sisters, they were genius’s at creating music people loved. It wasn’t an accident. Some folks say The Beatles were born with talent. That is pure CRAP.

Many folks say a person is talented as if they didn’t work hard to become talented. It’s very super rare for a person to pick up a guitar and just play awesome music everyone loves (though this DOES happen).

It’s been estimated it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become a genius at anything. Here is my take on being an expert, it should take 20% of the time to get 80% of a subject down. If you spend 100% of your time learning 80% of 5 subjects, you’d be an expert at 5 subjects.

The Beatles spent at least that many hours, or more playing in clubs, bars, and wherever they could for 10+ hours a day. For a few years straight they did this BEFORE they hit it big.

What did The Beatles learn in the 10,000+ hours of practicing music? They learned what type of music people liked, they learned how to play  as a band together, they learned what sounded good, they learned how to pleasure the ears of the people in the crowd, they learned how to make women go crazy, and they learned how to be genius’ at music.

Now, 10,000+ hours seems overwhelming, and it is. It would take you 417 days without sleep and focusing on what you were doing straight, to do the 10,000 hours.

Let’s make it more manageable. We’ll work for 6 days a week at 8 hours a day. It’s bout 313 days of 8 hours a day for 2504 hours a year. To get to 10,000 hours it will take a little under 4 years to become a genius. It will take less than a year to be an expert.

Now 4 years might seem like a long time, and it is in the short-term. BUT, you already have an awesome skill you spent so much time on, so now you only need to practice consciously.

You may have already spent 5,000 to 8,000 hours doing your skill, so it will only take a little more time to be a genius. You are likely already past expert hood on your skill, so congratulations, you are already an expert.

To become an expert in information products, well, it’s a broad reach. Lets say you want to become an expert in creating weight loss programs, whether through video, ebooks, or audio, you want to become an expert at teaching weight loss.

Have you already spent the required 2000 hours to become an expert? Great, now it’s time to create content for people.

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Action Steps[/typography]

Here are steps you can take to become an expert in creating information products for weight loss in less than a year:

  1. Create a blog on wordpress or blogger about weight loss
  2. Write a post every 2-4 days
  3. Start a newsletter using Aweber and start teaching people how to lose 20 lbs of fat in 30 days (this can be done by cutting out sugar and weight lifting)
  4. Write a newsletter email every 3-4 days about the 30 days of losing 20 lbs of fat
  5. Create videos, whether they be slide shows on Keynote or Powerpoint or live video teaching people about weight loss (these
  6. can be 3-5 minute videos on 1 specific technique or subject)
  7. Post said videos on YouTube and your blog

Keep repeating these steps, and adding new material to your newsletter.

You’ll become an expert in creating videos, writing newsletters, writing blog posts, and more so in weight loss.

You’ll have a ton of material you can use for your weight loss program, and a ton of folks interested in what you will do with your product.

Now if you don’t think you have a subject you are an expert in, it will be easy to start to become one.

Becoming an expert in any subject (weight loss is our example):

Read 1 book a week on fitness, exercise, weight lifting and dieting
Experiment weight loss techniques on yourself, such as no sugar, weight lifting techniques, cardio techniques, and other strange ways to lose weight
Help friends or family lose weight with your techniques you learned

Now after a some months, you’ll have experience and likely be in expert in coaching folks to lose weight, dieting, weight lifting, cardio work outs, and other ways to lose weight.

Now on to a personal example. I’ve spent years writing blog posts, writing newsletter articles, creating videos, coaching people, marketing online, and other stuff to prepare myself for my information products.

In the following posts, you’ll find some videos I’m practicing even more on to be better and better at creating a system to produce some great content.

I’m creating several membership websites, to become a better and better expert, so sign up for my email list below if you want to get first access and special offers.

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Start now[/typography]

If you put practice into skills, you will become better in them over time. If you learn how to organize and present information, 80% of your information product is done.

If you don’t start practicing, well, your skills just won’t develop and the thousands of people you could have helped, will not be helped by you. They might find someone else to help them, but honestly, I think you have what it takes to help them better.

Nothing happens overnight, the Google guys spent years building, optimizing, and tweaking their search code algorithm before they started investing more money into the company. They could have taken investment early and try to make it big, but they wanted to make sure their search engine was the best, and today, it is in many ways.

What steps are you going to take today to become an expert and start helping people? Let me know in the comments.

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Getting Started with Information Products and Passive Income

Knowing where to get started with Information Products is the most important step to creating passive income.

This is the most important step in creating information products and passive income.

If we do not take the step I’m about to share, none of our dreams of relaxing on the beach thousands of miles away, skiing down the slopes of the Italian alps, or playing with our kids at 1pm on a work day won’t exist. Whatever our dreams are, none of this will happen if we don’t take this simple step.

Of course we could wait until we are 60 years or older, or you could begin today toward your dream.

[quote style=”boxed”]Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there. -Will Rogers[/quote]

Ok, ok, enough with the build up. The most important action to take to make your dreams come true is:

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Action[/typography]


We are not going to make any sales sitting around. We are not going to make a business grow sitting around playing league of legends (like I did this whole weekend).

What exactly is action? Well, it’s anything you do which helps with your main goal in life. The important word here is:

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Do.[/typography]

We can make any excuse of we why don’t do something, we’ll feel good about it in the short-term. In the long-term, when we are at work, and our kids are watched by “babysitters,” we might not care now, but when they are older and they are terrible adults (100% our fault by the way) we’ll blame someone else.

Check it out, this is 1 part of 6 ways to live a wealthy life:

[quote style=”boxed”]Optimism – Imagine my own island, imagine a positive outcome, see all the elements of a situation as the cause of the positive outcome. -Eben Pagan, Self Made Wealth[/quote]

This means that everything we do, positive or negative towards our goals, are what make our positive futures happen.

This mindset is very important in creating information products and passive income. Neither of these two have very tangible things we can touch until they start happening.

What is not tangible or solid is more difficult to focus on creating.

This lack of focus on creating creates inaction. Inaction breeds more inaction.

For example: If today I was going to write this article: “Getting Started with Information Products and Passive Income” and I didn’t write it, what would happen tomorrow?

I would remember I need to write this article from yesterday. And I also have my article to write today.

For every article I write, it creates a snowball effect. You remember those old cartoons when a small snowball rolling down a hill becomes gigantic and it crushes our cartoon friends?

It’s the same for inaction, we’ll have a huge snowball of 30 articles to write in one day, and we will stop writing because it’s too much to think of. Over time we feel guilty for not doing what we are tasked to do.

And now here comes our feelings, sometimes we don’t write or act because we feel bad, or feel lazy, or feed sad, or feel guilty or feel happy. Whatever we feel, our feelings determine ur actions.

Well here is something I used and learned while selling books door to door in Florence, Alabama (Lauderdale County baby).

Instead of letting our feelings determine our actions, let our actions determine our feelings.

Basically, even if we are feeling sad or down, start moving, and knock on that door, let your actions shape your feelings.

Sit down and write that article, create that video, make the mind map. Do whatever and your feelings will change because of your action, and I’ll tell you what, IT FEELS GOOD.

If the reason we are not taking action is because we don’t think we are good enough to make videos, books, programs for other people, well, there is a cure for that.

Before the Beatles (yea that band that’s so famous) made it big, they did something. Lots of folks who think about them, think they just appeared out of no where and made it big because they were gifted and did what people wanted.

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]I got bad news for you.[/typography]


They spent thousands and thousands (likely over 10,000) of hours practicing over 12 hours a day playing and experimenting as a band around Europe.

They did this for a couple of years and well, the rest is history. Even now when their music released on iTunes in 2010, their songs and records sold better than many artists today.

They became experts in music after spending thousands of hours practicing. You will be good enough, by just practicing and doing.

Now, it takes some structure and process to start taking action. I’ll give you what I do, this is just one example of how you can get started TODAY. I’ve spent hundreds of hours and tried dozens and dozens of different ways to continually act, and I found this one very effective.

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Getting Started[/typography]

Here is what you’ll need, pick one:

  • Text editor (classic)
  • Word / Pages (new classic)
  • Evernote (awesome)
  • Simple Note (I use to use this)
  • Pen & Paper (new technology)
  • Lazy Meter (my pick baby)

Everyday, before you sleep, you will create a “Tasks” list.

Tasks are the most important items which will give the biggest result in the day. You will complete these in the same day you plan them for. If something you are doing requires multiple tasks, by all means break it down. An information product empire can take years to build, so list steps out into smaller manageable chunks.

For example: Writing this article about getting started, is the most important task I have today, though I will make more tasks (I’ll show you later below).

I almost didn’t write this article because of inaction and being afraid of what other people think (screw that crap). I remembered you, and I wanted to help you and the words just got written.

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]An example of your first tasks for 1 day:[/typography]


  1. Sign up for website on Dreamhost
  2. Set up 1-click wordpress install
  3. Set up auto responder on Aweber
  4. Create a logo
  5. Write an about page

Here’s mine, I’ve completed some, but I wanted to show you what my tasks are:

Bobby Huang using Lazy Meter
How I use Lazy Meter

I use Lazy Meter to keep my to do list, and it works great for me. I get to track how lazy I am and get them tasks completed, and queue different tasks for the future.

At the end of all my tasks completed or time limit (I don’t work past 6:30 pm my time) I reward myself with what I want to do most. Maybe it’s spending time with my girl, playing league of legends, watching an episode of True Blood, Burn Notice, or Game of Thrones, I do it.

As you create, write, take action, make, you’ll build a discipline muscle. This muscle is important in your information product and passive income because it will decide your success. Will you focus on work or will you just watch TV? This muscle determines it.

Now, it’s very easy to cheat with our tasks lists, I do it sometimes. Sometimes we can put very non-vital tasks on our lists. These non-vital tasks, are just not very important and don’t help us very much. They might consume a lot of time, and by 6:30pm, we might relax and have a false sense of “feel good” after completing these tasks.

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Well, just remember that:[/typography]

[quote style=”boxed”]Optimism – Imagine my own island, imagine a positive outcome, see all the elements of a situation as the cause of the positive outcome. -Eben Pagan, Self Made Wealth[/quote]

It’s ok to cheat a little, just make it a habit to complete tasks which will help you in the long-term, not just the short-term.

I’m off to create videos (I will be the Beatles of making videos) and more articles. See you in the next article.

Let me know what you do to stay on task in the comments, I’d love to learn from you.

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