This resource page is your one stop shop for picking the BEST software (best meaning I’d recommend), hosting, and other stuff. Everything here I have experience with, used, or find useful for an information product business to earn you passive income. A lot of it just works, and to me that is the most important thing software and websites have to offer.

Disclaimer: Some of the links for the resources below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you buy through them. I didn’t list any of these companies below just because I’d earn a commission, I actually use everything or have experience with that I list here and trust them and at the same time recommend them for each group for an information product business (with passive income in mind).


  • WordPress: Create content management system. Makes it easy to make a business website, blog, and other types of websites. I use this for all my websites.
  • WordPress Plugins: Don’t get crazy with wordpress plugins, they slow down your website. Just use useful ones like SEO, Analytics, site map etc type plugins.
  • Woo Themes: I use one of their themes on this here website you are looking at. I use the Headlines theme.
  • Thesis Theme: I use this theme for some of my other websites, it offers great theme editing and support.

Website Hosting/Video Player

  • Liquid Web: This is my current host and they are awesome. Their servers are fast and can handle a load of people visiting, and their customer service is unparalleled. They have a 60 second response time if you need to chat or call someone – and that’s valuable for ease of mind when something goes wrong. Other hosts charge money for calls and can take dozens of minutes to hours to even answer a chat box. I highly recommend these folks as I use them.
  • Easy Video Suite: Recently released awesome video player that come from the creators of Easy Video Player. Allows you to record the screen, upload in one click and have videos up online in minutes. Highly recommended if you want a push-button recording and video solution. Has great video graphics, presentation, and social integration!
  • Easy Video Player: Great video player to display videos on your website. Without having to buy a commercial license and other stuff for other video players, this one works great for hosting your videos on Amazon S3 and showing videos to viewers on your websites. Easier to protect yourself and your content as well.
  • Amazon S3 : When your customers or potential customers want to view your videos, they want to it download fast and start playing as fast as possible. Amazon has something called a Content Delivery Network which means anywhere they are in the world, there is a server close by to serve them your awesome videos faster. Amazon is a great place to stream your videos from.
  • S3 Flow Shield : Host videos, audio, and files for download/streaming. S3 Flow Shield protects your content with time limits on links, and protects your Amazon S3 bandwidth with the limited time and temporary links. Great protection against piracy/sharing. Nothing is invincible, but it’s best to protect yourself with prevention.
  • Hostgator : A highly rated and very solid host. Very easy to use once you get the hang of their system as they use what many other hosts use. High up-rate, and VERY inexpensive.

WordPress Plug-ins

  • The WordPress Multilingual Plugin : This is an essential plugin if you plan to have an international website in different languages on the wordpress platform. I use this for clients who want their website in several languages. Allows 1 click language changes (of course you gotta translate or pay someone to) so it’s easy to make a website in different language on wordpress.

Internet Marketing Forums

  • Warrior Forum: This forum is great because it’s a collection of many internet marketers, information product creators, software developers, and so many more types of people. Ask questions to get help and help other folks here. They don’t tolerate affiliate link spamming, so it’s real people creating real value.

Opt-in Pages, Sales Pages, & Product Launches

  • Optimize Press: Instead of paying $99-$299 a month on some programs and websites, this little wordpress theme will create squeeze pages, sales pages, product launch funnels and much more. I use this for my squeeze pages and launch funnels. It works great and receives lots of updates.

Membership Websites

  • Digital Access Pass: This is the plug-in I use for my membership websites. It has a built in auto responder, affiliate program, content access over time, ease of use, and so much more. I was considering the other major competitor’s though after a quick email to support, one of the owners replied promptly and over delivered in a single email. I use this along with Optimize Press for my membership websites.
  • Wishlist Member: Great membership software plugin for your wordpress site. Being a plugin, you can use your existing theme and set up a lot of auto functionality for your website. Protect your content!
  • Amember: An older member in the business, and seen by some as too old. Another membership website software, which is better for more technical minded people.

Product Distribution & Shopping Carts

  • E-Junkie: Great shopping cart to use to sell digital products. Very inexpensive for what it does.
  • Clickbank: The reason many people use Clickbank is their affiliate program. People can easily promote your offer and if that’s what you want, it works great. They require a 60 day guarantee and other strict rules, like a percentage of your sales.
  • Works great to receive payments from many programs and even as a shopping cart. The only problem is they sometimes think of you as suspicious and freeze your account stopping you from pulling money out for many weeks. Not great when that happens but great when it works as it should.

Keyword Research/SEO

  • Google AdWords Tool: A great research tool for keywords for your websites and products. Best part, it’s free. Great place to start but don’t end here, as it doesn’t do everything you’d want in terms of market research.
  • Free SEO Report: Created by Shoemoney (an internet marketer) has a great free SEO report on your website. The report is very detailed for keywords and other data you will find valuable.
  • Google Webmaster : Good for making sure your websites show up on Google, seeing links to your website, and so much more.

Email Subscriptions

  • Aweber: The #1 most important thing about sending emails is for them people to receive them. Aweber has such a good quality score, 99.9% of their emails (or so they say) make it to the people who opt-in for them. Not all other auto responders / email programs can say that. Interface is great and easy to use.

Advertising Fun

  • Google Adsense: Easy to put good advertising on your website to earn some income. May not be the best form of income unless you have multiple site or a ton of traffic which clicks on relevant ads.
  • Google AdWords: They are strict because they want the best quality ads for users, so they ban and don’t allow many ads compared to other advertisers. They have the biggest reach, though not the best click-through rates. Make sure your website is pretty and informative before you send traffic. Squeeze pages and low content pages are not allowed.
  • Yahoo/Bing Advertising: I’ve found traffic (even though a lot less traffic than Google AdWords) converts better. The type of user for these networks clicks on ADs more and I think more likely to buy (from my testing). Less strict than Google and they want your business.
  • Facebook Advertising: Not the best conversion rates, though you will be able to target people relevant to your ads better than other networks.  Which can lead to better conversion in sales. It is better to send to a Facebook page than your own website. When they like, that’s when you can market to them better.

Analytics/Testing Results

  • Google Analytics : Free analytics for your website. Every detailed and definitely a must have for tracking your websites.
  • Clicktale : Similar to goo analytics though gives your more options and heat maps to watch users move around on your website. Find out where users are clicking and mousing over and other important data which may help you design a better website for bringing in customers.
  • Google Optimizer : A great free tool for A/B split testing. Split testing is when you test two different web pages (usually a different button or picture or video) and see which converts people into clicking or customers better.

Back Up Important Data/Collaborate Online

  • Dropbox : Great program to sync online and various computers important data. It works great for companies too and collaborating on files with people. Easy to share files and folders, send people unique links to download what you have to offer or for your outsourcing needs. Works as a backup. Access files on your mobile phone, iPhone, Android etc. Can freely build your storage space by inviting folks. Sign up through my links to receive an extra 250 MB on top of the 2gb free, I receive 250 MB as well.
  • Crashplan : Auto backup your data online if your hard drive fails. They’ll send you a DVD or hard drive, but it will cost you. Unlimited amount of space if you subscribe, they work great when I used them.
  • Mozy : Automate back ups. Able to find and download files to whatever computers you want. Syncs incrementally automatically. Access back up on your iPhone or Android phone. They keep adding new features yo. Try out 2gb free today.
  • Backblaze: My current back up of choice. Seamless background backups, access files online or on your mobile phone. Unlimited amount and back up local drives. Works great!


  • Elance: Hire people to make you iPhone applications, applications, and do various other stuff.
  • Odesk: Outsource to freelancers just like Elance, tons of different stuff you can do here, go look.
  • 99Designs: This is a unique website that you can use if you need a logo design. It’s in a contest format. You give the description of what you want, and designers will compete against each other to win money.
  • Fiverr: Find hundreds or thousands of people who will do various things for 5 dollars. From creating logos, to recording an audio clip, to many more thousands of things, for only 5 bucks. Quality can vary, but look at reviews.

Legal Fun/Registered Agent

  • LegalZoom : For your information product business, a LLC would be easy to create to protect your personal assets. Having a company/LLC will allow you to open a bank account in your LLC’s name and sign up for services through it. This is not legal advice.
  • Incorp : If you register your business in another state/travel the world, registered agents give you presence you need legally able to register in a state. You could use LegalZoom’s services for that, though Incorp is much cheaper and just as good if not better for being my registered agent.


  • Tube Toolbox (Windows Only): Great automated tool to get more views on your YouTube videos. You can look at subscribers of other YouTube accounts which are like you and send friend invites. When you friend people subscribed to your channel similar to yours, they are more likely to watch your videos. Now you know why you get those random friend requests. More views, more eyeballs, more exposure, the better. Download it free.


  • The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss, Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich: The book I read and one year later quit my job and started traveling the world. I started making information products after I read this book, and I recommend you give it a good read.
  • The Millionaire Nextdoor: This book will dispel illusions wealth we see on television and in celebrities. Did you know over 80% of millionaires are the first generation? That means they made money themselves, someone else didn’t give it to them. This book put me on the path of wealth, not getting rich. Wealth is created from helping other people, getting rich is something poor people want.
  • Think and Grow Rich: Likely the most famous personal development book. The title turns off a lot of people (good thing) though the books about changing yourself so your life attracts wealth and everything you want.

Royalty Free Photos/Pictures/Clipart

  • Fotolia : A great website to find the clipart, photos, videos, vectors, and other stuff for your presentations. To get some emotion into your presentation or to make a better point, photos will help keep attention of users and associate things in your presentation with their life through your pictures. To get a ton of royalty free photos, just sign up for a monthly account and download a set amount of photos each day.

Remote Mail/Check Deposit/Professional Address

  • Earth Class Mail : Receive your mail in many states at PO Boxes or physical addresses. They will scan it, and post it online or send it to you. I’ve used this over a year and a half since traveling the world and it works great. They will even deposit checks for you as well (though that’s very expensive).

For Capturing Video and Screencasts

  • Screenflow (Mac Only) : Screen capture for your mac, works great, mac only, recommended over camtasia for mac. Camtasia for mac is known for being way behind its PC counterpart. Screenflow has light
  • Camtasia for PC : Best screen capture program for the PC, has light editing and encoding.

Editing/Encoding Video

  • Adobe Premiere CS 5.5 : Great software for editing your videos. Any software works fine, though this is the one I’d recommend.
  • Handbrake : Great program for encoding videos for distribution. Best part of all, it’s free.

Editing/Encoding Audio

  • Adobe Audition : Recommended program for audio editing.
  • Audacity : Best free application for audio editing.
  • Levelator : Great for balancing your audio so it sounds it’s best.
  • Sound Soap : One of the best programs for removing bad sounding audio from your audio recordings. Remove the hiss, and electronic sounds recorded during recordings.


  • LazyMeter : A simple web app to keep a list of your to do items. Pause it for the next day if you can’t finish it today. Also add tasks which you can put in your tomorrow or today list anytime you want. I use this to complete my tasks. See how I use LazyMeter here.
  • Focus Booster : Based on the Pomodoro technique, focus in small chunks with small breaks for better productivity. I use this to get my focus on baby, for 29 minutes with 6 minute breaks.
  • Evernote : Great program to take notes on, syncs on the internet, to your iPhone, Android phone, computers, etc. It takes pictures, pdf files and so much more, check it out.
  • Simplenote : Great internet web app that can sync on all your computers and devices. Great for taking simple notes without all the clutter.
  • LastPass : Create secure passwords and sync your passwords to all the computers and devices you use. If you have 25 emails like me, it comes in handy. Great for sharing passwords or business password login sharing. Check out the video I made detailing LastPass here.
  • XMarks Sync : Sync your bookmarks across computers and web browsers. Great for when you want to visit that website you book marked at work and can’t find anywhere on google.
  • Gmail : Best email program ever. Save time by not having to delete emails, have the best spam filter, and create a central email account.


  • Macbook (air, pro) : I switched to Mac last year because my Windows 7 computer crashed and I lost a ton of data. I’ll say that I will be using Macs for a long time. It just works, it’s simple, and great for multimedia, editing, and other creative stuff. I recommend the Macbook Air or Pro (I use Pro now) because of portability for easier traveling. My next Mac in some nears will be the air or newer thinner version.


  • League of Legends : Great free online game to play when you want to relax. It’s competitive so, only play if you are ready. Add me: Orc if you are on North American servers.
  • Spotify : Great program with free ability to stream music while you work.


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