Seeing Is Believing, Sometimes…

I’m a huge supporter of Believing is Seeing.

This mindset means that we will see what we believe to be true.

This is a great mindset when we are OPEN MINDED to a great future, and looking for positive change.

This mindset doesn’t work though when we are FOOLING ourselves.

Fooling ourselves into thinking everything is fine.

Fooling ourselves into believing everything is fine when in reality it is not.

This means we might believe something and see it in a way we want, but we might not be truly seeing it for what it really is (think of falling in love as an example).

Sometimes we fall in love with someone and believe what we want to see, and ignore reality.

We ignore the small things they do to annoy us and ignore the huge potential problems we’ll face in the future with them.

This is where sometimes Seeing is Believing comes into play.

Sometimes we truly have to see something, to understand the reality of the situation.

The high level and mid level managers of the New York Police Department believed the numbers they were told in the 1990s.

Only 3% of crime in New York happens in the Subways. So they stuck to their status quo that the subway was fine.

The public called it the Electric Sewer.

When the new police commissioner came in, he made himself and other high level to mid level managers in the NYPD ride the subway day and night.

They started seeing why it was called the Electric Sewer, because there were many aggressive beggars, gangs roaming around threatening people, people jumping from different subway platforms to others.

They started to see why the public boycotted the system.

They started to believe what they saw, because sometimes we need to see something to believe it.

Truly see it.

For all it’s true colors.

Then change can be possible in this situation.

The situation of denial and sticking to the status quo.

What have you been in denial about?

What status quo are you sticking to?

By Bobby Huang

Bobby Huang creates videos and content to help his readers get the most out of their lives. He focuses on getting the most results with the least effort in Information Products and Passive Income. It's not lazy, just called being effective bro.