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"The Strange (Almost Backwards)

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We’ve all seen entrepreneur friends or social media posts bragging about making 5 to 6 figures a month...

Then their businesses collapse

That’s because many entrepreneurs rely on shortcuts and gimmicks. 

Instead of understanding what it takes to build a long-term business that can scale ten times faster.

This is the thing, though…

You can still reach 5 to 6 figures a month as quickly as they did, except instead of crashing after the first stage.

You can grow at exponential rates with these growth hacks.

Use Growth Wheels™ & Engines

Learn the four biggest mistakes thousands of entrepreneurs make and AVOID the “riches to rags” tragedy...

Learn the three best Growth Wheels™ that will transform how you build your business.

A powerful Growth Engine and Growth Wheels will take your business much further.

Note: Forget about funnels! If you are still thinking in terms of funnels, you’re getting left behind. Funnels are stagnant and don’t go anywhere.

Presenting Your Host: Bobby Huang
Growth Marketer for These and Many Other Brands:

Bobby Has over 14 years of experience driving revenue growth to:

  • Reverse $400,000 monthly cash burn into $1.2M+ monthly growing cash flow
  • Transform failing companies into market-dominating empires & effective, fun places to workurn
  • Turn new ideas and products into compounding growing profit centers for new and existing businesses
  • Help business newbies start their own business, eliminating their job (just-over-broke), building high-performing teams—all while working full-time jobs!
  • Helped startups, consultants, service, local, software, coaches, and many other types of businesses do all the above!

What You Will Learn On This FREE Event:

Secret #1

Growth Hacking

How to Set Up the Best Startup “Growth Hack” to Maximize Your Profit Growth 10x Faster (Gain an Extra 6-Figure Profit Without a Massive Budget or Team)

Use Growthy Growth Systems to compound revenue and sales in your company.

Secret #2

Growth Cloning

How to Use Proven Step-By-Step Startup Secrets Used by DoorDash, Airbnb, Uber, Etc to Slay Your Competitors and Scale Super Fast

Use Growthy Growth Wheels™ to accelerate growth in your business.

Secret #3

My No. 1 Growth Hack

How to Reverse a Dying Funnel and Turn It Into a 400% Compounding Sales Machine With 3 Simple Steps

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“Bobby shows you a step-by-step process to reach your goal in the fastest way.

The approach helped me get unstuck and create the best growth system in a short amount of time because it made it so much easier to create a system and execute smoothly.

I implemented an incomplete growth system and I made over $32,000 in sales in weeks

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The process has been great because I’ve been able to apply it across the board, whether for a program I’m launching or a product.”