Which Brain Do You Function From?

Humans have been known to have 3 brains we operate from, it’s the triune brain theory.

We’ve been developing brains over our brains, layer after layer as we have evolved as humans.

The earliest one we have is the lizard brain.

This is our fear and survival brain that kept us alive when sabertooth tigers attacked.

We have the mammal brain.

This is where our emotions come from.

Then we have the conscious brain.

This is the one we use to think, it’s what makes us human.

Most humans think they are rational creatures who function from this brain.

We don’t mainly, we are influenced by our other two brains.

Humans are irrational creatures, we make decisions for the weirdest reasons before it hits our rational brain.

Then we rationalize it.

Did you know our decisions are made seconds before our conscious brain makes it?