How To Make Money Online

How To Make Money Online

1. Don’t buy any make money quick training programs or books because they will cause you to spend money (especially the purchase of the item) doing things that do not produce value for other people.

2. As Seth Godin has said, don’t google How To Make Money Online because most of the results (except his) is designed to make you spend money on their “method” or product that they make money from.

3. Don’t follow people who flaunt their wealth in the extreme and then say “you can make $5000 per month doing what I do!” There is a guy in Singapore who targets many countries in Asia flaunts his airplane and 6 figure car while what he teaches is 8 year old material – affiliate marketing promising or luring people into thinking they can easily make $5000 per month from it. Do you see the disconnect? After looking at his website and other things he does, he makes nearly all his money from teaching people how to make money. His pitch during his seminar happened from even before he stepped on stage and he opened with, “I just flew in on my airplane.”

4. Provide true value people seek. This is the most important one. Did you know there is a blog with a person who writes in the 3rd person about celebrity shoes that makes 6 figures and more a year? The value this guy provides is entertainment and a unique story he gives to his readers. Providing value is simple, just giving them something they truly want and need, a solution you have that will help them get to where they want to be.

5. Truly care and provide results. It’s better to make a person a long time or lifetime customer through your ability to demonstrate you will sacrifice short term profits to make sure they get the results they need. Lets say you had a potential customer who sent you an email and said, “hey, I know you have your product coming out soon but, Roger said to wait to buy it because he is going to offer a super valuable bonus. I really want to get your product now, but I also want to get Roger’s bonus. What should I do?”

Now you could say to him to buy directly from you so you don’t have to pay the commission or be cool and say, “definitely wait, whatever Roger has will be worth it and my product will be here for you to buy later.”

Now the customer appreciate’s that you will give up short term profit for his benefit which overall is a win/win situation and your customers will appreciate that.

6. Create a story. Stories are easy to follow for people. Create a story around your product, around what happens if they use it, around how it came about and about what happens if they don’t use it.

7. Make money offline first. Make money offline and then work on making money online. The Internet isn’t some magical place where people will just give you money, it’s just more efficient.

8. Make it a cause. No matter how big or small it is, make sure there is a cause for your buyers to keep in mind. Whether part of their purchase goes to build schools for orphan children or your focus in on a healthier relationship for them so their kids can grow up in good families, make it a cause.

9. Be seen as the most trusted advisor your future potential customers can have in whatever niche you are seeking, and BE the most trusted advisor to them.