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Learning Slower Because Of Certain Music?

There is certain music that has been “proven” to increase brain activity in certain areas. I’ll tell you 6 specific songs in another post.

There also has been certain music that has been proven to decrease brain activity in certain areas.

These certain areas are our ability to learn, our engagement, and overall how well we learn something.

Remember, learning = behavior change.

I would venture to say, a majority of people listen to the 2nd type of music, the one that decreases function in the brain.

Not because they truly want to, but because it’s easier and gives short term gratification.

The long term damaging effects out weigh the short term benefits, though its very difficult for us to see it because the short term is hard to see because it’s what we live in.

Then we start to ignore the long term pain of what it causes us because it makes our daily lives easier.

Similar to smoking.

Smokers enjoy the short term benefits (which don’t last very long) and then they start ignoring the long term damages.

Life is pretty easy if we think of it in a certain way.

If we choose to live by the long term, life becomes easy in our daily lives.

It might take more “effort” in the short term, though the benefits far out weigh the cost of “effort” we spend.

The certain type of music I’ll tell you that helps you learn faster is more geared toward classical.

There are 6 specific songs that help increase what you learn.

It also might help you do more work better.

I’ll start you off with a place to look, Mozart.

He is not the only one, though it’s a good place to start.