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Mastermind Groups Will Change Your Life

Mastermind groups are powerful, they will change your life and make it better in one way or another.

That is unless you are surrounded by people who don’t care for change.

Your Mastermind group doesn’t even need to be people alive, they can be people from throughout history as your advisors.

Some of the most successful people have virtual mastermind groups, where when they close their eyes, they can get feedback from the great people of history.

They help them make great decisions.

What exactly is a Mastermind group?

It’s a group of people who are there to help you get to where you want to be faster.

You want to do the same for each member.

My Mastermind meets weekly and we just finished a call a few hours ago.

We are from all over the world.

We still meet consistently.

Today they helped me plan out some marketing and business strategies to make more sales for one of my products and brands.

It was very helpful and if each person charged individually what they normally charge for one hour, that call would have costed me thousands of dollars.

Start working on finding a Mastermind today.

A great place to start is at seminars of like minded people.


Why You Should Sometimes Ignore Good Advice

pushing one another
Sometimes We Just Need the Extra Push in the Right Direction

Ignoring good advice can help you progress further into life and actually create information products which will help people and create passive income for you.

We receive a lot of good advice from people who care about us.

They give us this advice because they think what they say will help us.

They consider this advice good.

Personally, I remember my closest friend telling me that he will never read an article or blog post if there was grammatical error.

This was when I started my very first blog. Which incidentally he pointed out was filled with some grammatical errors.

He reviewed a lot of the articles and stopped reading it.

Well, I stopped writing because I thought I wasn’t a good writer back then.

This seemingly is good advice, but negative for my progress.

It was better I wrote articles and publish them, than try to perfect every article and not publish them.

There is also a hidden agenda behind good advice from people close to you.

The Hidden Agenda

Unless their focus is seeing you succeed no matter what, I find this “good” advice is actually purposely to bring us back.

Let me give you an example.

Have you ever seen or heard about folks talking about a bucket filled with crabs?

There are usually some brave crabs who can and try to climb out of the bucket.

As this brave crab tries to climb out, the other crabs pull him down.

They don’t want this crab to progress and get out of the bucket while the rest sit back.

This is what most humans do.

This is what our families, our friends, our mentors, and other folks we might look to for “good” advice do.

When someone close to them in becoming better in life, whether a new job, a new girlfriend or boyfriend, or working on projects which produce wealth, it makes this person look at themselves and not like themselves.

They don’t want to face reality that they are being left behind, so they’ll pull us on the shoulder and say “hey, think about what you are doing.”

They want to pull us back, but most of the time, they don’t even realize it.

Forgive them for trying to pull us back, and we can keep moving forward.

I’m not saying all family or friends or mentors do this, I’m just saying this is a normal activity practiced.

This is why we should find people, a mastermind filled with people who want to help each other progress in life.

Because the more everyone progresses in this group, the more they progress.

The people close to us have good intentions with their “good” advice, though the result may be us not launching our information product.

Publishing that blog post.

Creating that membership website.

Publishing that video on youtube.

The best thing we can do is ignore the “good” advice given to us by people who want us to stay on the same level as them.

Sometimes when they are giving the advice, we are best off saying, please stop, I appreciate your advice, but I’m just going to do what I was going to do.

Start Failing

When we start ignoring “good” advice, we can start making our own mistakes, learning from our failures and launch successful information products and businesses.

We just need to take the first step, who knows what could really happen.


Remember the friend I was talking about who told me he wouldn’t read any articles posts with errors?

We also had a lengthy talk about Information Products.

He said all Information should be free on the internet. Any information product that exists, he can find the information on the internet.

So he thinks information products are a waste of money and everyone who makes information products are trying to scam someone.

This was even after telling him some of the info products I’ve used, which helped me become a better man, taught me video making skills, taught me how to create lists which help people, and other great stuff.

Yea, it’s true that most everything in an info product can be found on the internet.

But, not everyone can spend 80 hours in a week researching one subject when they can just have an info product which teaches them how to solve their problem in 3 hours.

Time vs Money in this situation.

Also, have you ever tried to solve specific math problem homework in calculus using Google?

Tell me how that goes.

Get started, help folks, teach folks, I want to see what you make, and I want you to do better and better everyday.

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