The Average Wage In This Country in 2012 was $1,540

The average wage in 2012 in Vietnam was $1,540 USD.

I spend about 467% ($7,200) more per year just on living expenses here (which is higher than some foreigners and lower than others).

In the USA I would spend 1051% ($16,200) on living expenses alone.

I’ve met the folks who make the average wage and more. Many of them don’t live in poverty luckily, they still have basic needs life food and shelter, and really cheap cell phones.

Though they do eat cheaper food and yes a lot of them live at home or live with 6 people in a studio/1 bedroom apartment.

Many of these folks would still send money to their families, and have barely enough left over to eat and pay for living expenses and when they are lucky, go enjoy a splurge out on the town (probably under $5 anyway).

Why do I mention all this? It’s not for you to feel sorry for these people.

It’s because I personally truly appreciate everything I have. I show my gratitude for what I have.

What are you grateful for today?

By Bobby Huang

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