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The Types of Information Products You Can Create

Information Products
So many Information Products

Knowing what types of information product you can create, will make it a lot easier to create an information product faster that can produce passive income for you sooner.

There are many different types of information products. Depending on who you talk to, people think some products are not information products, and some think the same products are info products.

Lets define what an information product is.

Here’s my definition of an Information Product:

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Any digital/consumable product which teaches, facilitates, or helps people solve a problem.[/typography]

By consumable, I mean anything that can be a DVD, CD, physical books, physical product people can use to learn to solve a problem.

Digital just means online video, ebooks, audio, phone calls, tele seminars, webinars, and whatever on the internet.

And what do I mean by solve a problem? It’s a very broad saying.

Basically, anything that helps someone get to where they want to be. For example, I want to be a better golfer. If I read a golfing book, the book can help me become a better golfer. Bam, problem solved.

Now, lets dig a little deeper and talk about the two types of Information Products.

There is the passive Information Product, and there is the active Information Products.

The passive Information Product is something you create once, and put it in a sales funnel or sales page that people can buy whenever they want. This is what you want to create passive income.

The active Information Product is something which requires your active engagement to make money. This would be coaching, seminars, webinars (not automated), and other stuff which needs you there.

Now, one of the best techniques to make a passive Information Product is to create an active Information Product like a seminar, record it, edit it, and distribute it online.

You can do the same with webinars and other types of active Information Products to make passive Information Products.

Active Information Products are great for researching your niche and information product market. A niche is basically a segment of the market (the consumers of your product) that you are targeting.

Here is an extensive list of different type of information products for both categories:

Passive Information Product:

  • Ebook
  • Audiobook
  • Podcast Series (finished)
  • VIP (Video Information Product)
  • Teleseminar Series (finished)
  • Webinars (automated)
  • Blog (finished)
  • DVD Programs
  • CD Programs
  • Software (finished)
  • Email Auto Responder Series
  • Websites
  • Membership Websites (automated)

Active Information Product:

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Podcasts
  • Seminar
  • Live Internet Streaming Video
  • Webinars Live
  • Teleseminar Live
  • Coaching Live
  • Blogging
  • Software (updated)
  • Email Broadcasts Series
  • Websites
  • Membership websites (updated)

These are just different types of Information Products.

For each type of Info Product, you can create different types of them and even combine them.

For example, in a Video Information Product, you can create a 12 week coaching program (like I’m doing), you can include over 200 videos, some audio recordings, and some ebooks.

You can also include webinars you already recorded in the VIP and other stuff. It’s not limited to just videos in your VIP.

There are honestly a ton of different types of Info Products you can create.

It can be overwhelming.

It might be best to start small, with a 30 page ebook for sale at $37, and then move onto other projects.

Or start big and create a 15 week Video Information Product and sell it for $497.

The best thing you can do before you start any information product, is market research.

I’ll cover market research over several different blog posts.

Which Info Product will you start making today?


By Bobby Huang

Bobby Huang creates videos and content to help his readers get the most out of their lives. He focuses on getting the most results with the least effort in Information Products and Passive Income. It's not lazy, just called being effective bro.