Are You Making This Marketing Mistake?

All the Different Parts of Marketing

Integrating marketing in everything is key for creating the best customer experience, and the best customer experience usually means they are more likely to buy.

This is a mistake most folks make, whether with an information product business or brick and mortar store.

We create content or products which are not specifically directed or create a consistent experience our customers can go through.

When I say integrate marketing into everything, it literally means everything.

From how your prospect (or potential customer) finds you on your opt-in page or pay-per-click advertisement, all the way to after they already bought or didn’t buy your product.

This also includes your blog posts, your emails, your videos, and your audio files, and much more.

It’s a mistake not to include marketing into your product either.

I’m not saying you should spam your user with your marketing of “buy this now” crap, more over integrating your message into everything you do.

If you want to teach folks how to lose weight, well, you’ll always need to integrate your message, maybe it’s lose weight with less effort, so you might mention “in little or no effort this technique” and sort it around like that.

What exactly do I mean by marketing?

Many folks say the different components of marketing make up marketing. Such as branding, advertisements, research, competitors analysis, and etc.

Yea they are all parts of marketing, but what is the main goal of marketing?

It’s for your customer to buy your product or buy it in the future or tell someone else about it.

I really like to repeat myself.

Marketing is for your customer to buy your product or buy it in the future or tell someone else about it.

The biggest marketing mistake before not integrating marketing into everything you do, is letting someone else do your marketing.

Someone else who may not be as passionate as you, someone else who doesn’t care how well you succeed, as long as they get paid. Who knows more about your product than you?

These folks don’t usually get paid on commission of what YOU make, usually a commission of what you spend, so their goal is for you to spend so they make more.

The marketing message gets jumbled and folks start to make marketing about who can win the most useless awards or who can make people laugh or who can make people cry.

Really, the most important thing for you, is for your customer to buy, buy, buy or buy it in the future, or tell someone else about it.

How To Integrate Marketing Into Everything

It all boils down to one thing, when you want your customer to buy, you have to really answer this question your potential customer asks.

“What’s in it for me?” 

Basically, what benefits does your customer receive when they first read whatever you are giving to them.

Of course you’ll need a good headline or title, but that’s for another post.

Before you start any email, any blog post, any product, any video, any whatever, just make sure you tell your customer what benefit they get from doing what they are about to do.

Think about the benefit they’ll get and start creating from that point of view.

Tell them the “why” they should read what they are about to read or buy what they are about to buy.

Also to really understand your market is key to marketing.

You really need to understand what message your customer wants to receive or what message will keep them interested.

This is the marketing message.

Think of the book the 4 Hour Work Week. That title in itself tells you what the goal is.

The message in the book is consistent throughout the book, work less and get more results by being more effective and challenging the status quo.

That message is consistent from beginning to end, and on his blog as well. Nearly every blog post is about how to get more out of doing less.

People know what to expect when they follow him or read his books. It’s a consistent customer experience and likely best for the type of experience he wants for his prospects and customers.

When you integrate marketing into everything you do, including the product itself (remember my definition for marketing up top?), your customer has a better experience and is more likely to tell someone else about it.

They are more likely to buy from you. And possibly become 1 of your 1000 true fans.

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By Bobby Huang

Bobby Huang creates videos and content to help his readers get the most out of their lives. He focuses on getting the most results with the least effort in Information Products and Passive Income. It's not lazy, just called being effective bro.