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[Video] Facebook Retargeting: 5 Simple Steps To Convert More Leads

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Did you know it can take 3-7 or more exposures to your product before someone buys?

What if you could follow people around Facebook showing them your products for less than a penny?

If you are marketing right now without retargeting people—you are missing out on potentially 20% or more customers.

You’ll learn how to launch your Facebook retargeting campaign in 5 simple steps.

What do you notice from this Facebook retargeting guide? What parts are difficult to understand? What would you love to learn more about? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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Facebook Retargeting: 5 Simple Steps To Convert More Leads

Did you know it can take 3-7 or more exposures to your product before someone buys?

What if you could follow people around Facebook showing them your products for less than a penny?

If you are marketing right now without retargeting people—you are missing out on potentially 20% or more customers.

You’ll learn how to launch your Facebook retargeting campaign in 5 simple steps.

Click Here to Download a PDF Guide >>


How Allen Edmonds Retargeting Made Me Buy Two Pairs Of $385 Shoes

If you’ve used Facebook at all, you’ve seen the advertisements in your news feed and on the right like I show you below:



See those Allen Edmond shoes? Allen Edmonds showed me that ad because I visited their website, and I visited that specific shoe on the website.

The headline and description copy isn’t fantastic at all but they are exposing me to shoes I’ve already seen and given me an easy way to buy the shoes.

These ads followed me around Facebook for weeks. Each time I saw one of these ads, it cost Allen Edmonds less than a penny to show it to me.

The ending of the story, I bought two pairs of Allen Edmonds shoes! That’s what retargeting is!

You can turn retargeting on for your business, whether you sell physical products, have an iPhone or Android app, or a SaaS business. Local businesses included!

Retargeting helps you get more customers for far cheaper than traditional advertising.

What exactly is retargeting?

Lets quickly cover the ‘what’ of retargeting so you can start implementing it for your business and website.

When I visited Allen Edmonds, what they did was cookie my web browser with a bit of code saying which pages I visited.

That bit of code knows what pages I visited and informed Facebook which Allen Edmonds ads to show me about the Wingtip Oxfords.

Every time I visited Facebook it showed me the specific relevant ads based on which pages I visited on their website.

While writing this post, I went to visit the belts page on Allen Edmonds and refreshed Facebook to see the targeting ad. And what do you know, it shows some awesome belts:



I also clicked on that Appy Couple advertisement above the Allen Edmonds belts, and now they are following me everywhere.

You can easily set this up for your business in 5 steps which we’ll go through below.

If you have a developer you rely on to implement your code, you’ll want to give steps 1-3 to them, although they are fairly simple and we’ll show you step by step exactly how to implement the code.

Lets dive right in!

Set Up Retargeting On Facebook

Step 1: Set Up Your Facebook Retargeting Pixel

The purpose of your retargeting pixel is to know exactly which page a person visited. If they visited an article but didn’t visit your checkout process, you’ll want to send them to another article.

If they started the checkout process but didn’t buy, you could give them a coupon through your ad.

a. Create Your Facebook Ads Manager Account

If you don’t already have an Ads Manager account, you can go here to make your account. All you need to do is click ‘Create Ad’ and revisit the ads manager link to get the ability to create your ad. You don’t actually need to create an ad just yet to get your ads manager account created, just start the process of creating an ad and return to the Ads Manager.

b. Create Your Retargeting Pixel

Next, you’ll want to go to Audiences to create your retargeting pixel which will collect where visitors on your website go.

Click On Audiences.



Click on Create Custom Audience.



Click on Website Traffic for type of audience you want to create.



Click to agree to the terms and click ‘Create Web Remarketing Pixel.’



Website Traffic: select ‘Anyone who visits your website’ and click ‘Create Audience’ in the bottom right.



After you create an audience, it will give you some code, which you can send to your developer or keep for yourself.



If you are install the code yourself, copy and paste it into a text file, and keep that file handy:


Step 2: Set Up Your Facebook Conversion Tracking

The next step is to track which ads people click on that cause them to buy. This is very important to know your cost per acquisition (CPA) because if you know your CPA you know how much money you can spend to get more customers and more profit.

a. Create Your Conversion Tracking Pixel

In your ads manager, click on Conversion Tracking and click on Create Pixel when you get inside the conversion tracking tab.



Select Checkouts to track people who bought and rename your pixel to something you understand, I named mine ‘Place an order.’



After you create the Conversion Tracking pixel, save the code into a text document or email it to your developer.



Step 3: Put The Retargeting Pixel On Your Website & Conversion Tracking On The Thank You Page

The next step is to put the retargeting pixel on your website on every page so every visitor who visits your website is cookied. This means you can target them with relevant ads like Allen Edmond did to me with shoes and belts.

The purpose of this guide is to show you how to target anyone who visited your website, if you want to target people on specific pages, you’ll need to create separate tracking pixels for different pages like your checkout page.

If you have WordPress, you can easily integrate this code into all pages on your website and specific pages.

If you know how to edit HTML and you don’t use WordPress or other content management systems, you will just need to put the tracking code in the header of every page for the tracking pixel and the header of your thank you/ confirmation page.

Here is step by step instructions to put it in WordPress and also paste it into an HTML file.

a. For WordPress: Install OH Add Script to Individual Pages Header Footer Plugin

Log into your WordPress dashboard. You can get there by going to http://(

Click on Plugins.



Click on ‘Add New’ at the top.



In the search field on the top right type ‘OH Add’ and press enter.

When OH Add Script appears, click on ‘Install Now.’



Click on ‘Activate Plugin’ on the next page.


b. Implement your tracking pixel into your website

Next go to Settings -> Header Footer Settings

Copy the code you had for the retargeting pixel and paste it where it says ‘Google Remarketing.’ Save your changes.


c. Implementing your Conversion Tracking pixel onto your Thank You page

The purpose of putting the tracking pixel on your thank you page is to track if any specific ad caused someone to buy.

The more successful you know which ads create signups, the more you can test and increase conversions for that specific ad.

Go to your thank you page, and click to edit it in WordPress.

Scroll down the page and look for OH add script.

Paste your ‘Place an order’ tracking code into the first box you see and click update/publish to make your changes go live on your thank you page.


d. HTML: Inserting the conversion pixel into an HTML page

The tool I use to edit HTML files is called Sublime. It’s free and something many engineers use all day to do any coding.

After you open your HTML file, paste the code into the header, generally to be safe, place it between other script codes like you see in the screenshot below. Save the file.


Step 4: Create a Facebook ad

Next you’re going to create a Facebook ad to target people who have already visited your website.

The ad we’re going to create together will target people who have not started the checkout process. We’re going to retarget them with an article. We won’t be jumping into writing the article here, make sure people have the ability to buy, give their email or move to the next step of the buying process on your article near the bottom or the top of the article.

a. Example Facebook Ad

2015-06-02_11-57-27 2

b. Create Your Facebook Image

You’ll want the image to be 1200 x 627 in size. You can find all the specs here for Facebook ad images.

I used Canva to create the Facebook image, which is a great tool you can use to create many of your design needs.

c. Create Your Ad In Ads Manager

Go to your ads manager and click on ‘Create an Ad.’



Click on ‘Send people to your website’ and paste your article URL into the url box on the right.

Click ‘Continue.’


d. Select Your Ad Targeting

Custom Audiences: For your Custom Audiences, Select ‘Website Visitor’ that we created before.

Locations: For Locations, select the locations you want your ad to show up in. If you are a local business, select your city, if you have 128 locations, select all 128 locations. The goal here is to only show your ads to people who can buy, if you are a global business, target the world.

Age: Select relevant ages for your product or brand.

Gender: I selected Gender here to be female to ensure my ad only shows to females, now if your buyers are men too, you can show it to them.

Languages: I selected the language as English for my article because its in English. Select the language based on who your buyers are. If you only target English speakers, select English (All).


e. Setting Your Ad Budget

Budget: If you are just starting, set a budget per day of $5 or less. Whatever you can afford.

Schedule: If this is a seasonal retargeting ad, schedule it to start and end at specific dates.

Optimize For: Clicks to Website.

Pricing: Select ‘Set the amount a click to your website is worth to you.’ I recommend starting with pay per click so you can gauge how much it costs to show the ad. Each time a person clicks you will be charged at max $1.25, generally lower through a bidding process.

Ad Scheduling: Leave this as “Run ads all the time.”

Ad Set Name: Name your ad set based upon which specific article you are targeting in this ad group.


f. Creating Your Ad

How do you want your ad to look?: For now select ‘A single image in your ads.’

Choose different images to create multiple ads: Click on upload and select the image you created for this ad. Start with 1 for now unless you have multiple images for this same article.



Connect Facebook Page: Select the page you want to associate with this Ad, this will be your Facebook Brand page.

Headline: Write a compelling headline that goes right below the image. This is generally what people read 2nd or 1st when they see your ad.

Text: This is the body copy of your Ad, this is generally seen 2nd or 1st depending on how eye movement works. Write an enticing question or fact, or idea from your article to get people to click.

Call-to-Action-Button: These are optional though it doesn’t cost you anything to have them, so select one closest to what your ad is about, if it’s an article ‘Learn More’ works great.

Click on ‘Show Advanced Options’

News Feed Link Description: This is the text that goes below your headline, put something in here that makes it more compelling for them to learn more.

Conversion Tracking Pixel: Select your conversion tracking pixel you created, in this example ‘Place an order’ is the pixel that is available here.

Click to turn off your Mobile News Feed & Audience Network, these are on the bottom right in the image below. Unless your mobile website is converting very well, you’ll just be wasting your budget on mobile ads. Audience Network is a lot of other ad networks and applications on phones that have very high click through and little conversion.

Click on ‘Place Order.’



Your Ad now goes into review by Facebook. It can take 24 hours or longer to get approved.

Step 5: Evaluating Your Campaign

Creating your ad is only the first step!

Next you’ll have to drill down into if your campaign to see if it is profitable.

a. Setting Up Your Reports

In your ad manager, click on Reports. 

Click on Customize Columns.



Set up your columns to look like the columns I have below:

You’ll have to find Checkouts (Conversion Pixel) by scrolling down and clicking the check mark next to it



After you finish, click ‘Apply.’

After your ads go live, you will start seeing data and seeing how many conversions actually happened with your retargeting campaign.

From there you will now want to test different images if you haven’t already.

b. Testing Different Images

The reason for testing different images is because clickthroughs and conversions can be vastly different for images.

If you can get more people clicking through to your article that ultimately leads to sales, Facebook will effectively allow you to pay less per click because your content is likely more relevant to people over someone else.

Your goal with retargeting is to get more conversions at a lower cost so you can increase your spending to get more conversions.

To add more images to your existing ads, all you need to do is upload more images and ‘Place Order’ for more ads.

We test different images because it’s the highest point of leverage to get more conversions and clickthroughs.

In your Ads Manager, click on Campaigns -> Click on The Campaign you created -> Click on the ad set -> Click on the ad itself, it will dropdown the ad and more options.

Under ‘Creative’ click on ‘Create Similar Ad.’


From there, just scroll down to ‘Choose different images to create multiple ads’ and upload multiple images-up to 6 images-to test more images.

After that, just scroll to the bottom and click ‘Place Order’ to get more ads created.



That’s it!

Now you have more images to test clickthroughs and conversions with.

After you test images, you’ll want to test different headlines.

Keep tweaking your retargeting campaign so you get more clicks and conversions at lower cost.


Thanks for going through this whole guide to add retargeting to your business. It’s very valuable to be able to retarget people who already visited your website because you can convert these visitors generally easier and cheaper than buying ads for fresh traffic.

Many people who don’t buy or sign up in the beginning do so because:

  1. They didn’t have enough time to buy the product (they are busy)
  2. They would have come to buy back but they forgot about your product
  3. They weren’t ready yet and your retargeting ad (like Allen Edmonds) was a constant reminder about your product

Follow this guide and implement retargeting ads for your website. It’s all about taking action, and taking this small step will open many doors for you and your business.

I hope you implement Facebook retargeting for yourself so you can start getting more of your visitors to sign up and grow your business.

What do you notice from this Facebook retargeting guide? What parts are difficult to understand? What would you love to learn more about? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


How To Get More Customers Out Of Your Adspend Through Re-marketing

It’s said it takes an average of 7 exposures to your product before someone buys.

Paying $7 to get someone to click over to your website is ONLY the beginning.

Even if you don’t convert them into a customer right away, there are many ways to show up all over the internet wherever they visit.

Showing up all over the internet with relevant ads, makes the person think your business is bigger than it is.

You’ve visited a website before where after leaving their website without buying, you start seeing their ads pop up every where you go, even on Facebook.

Allen Edmonds does this very well. If you look at a specific shoe or belt, they will follow you around with ads about those pages you visited until you buy.

It only costs them fractions of pennies to show you that ad, you are getting exposed to their brand (and I eventually broke down and bought two shoes).

Again, getting someone to visit your website doesn’t mean they are gone forever, it means you can now re-market to them so they buy later.

How does re-marketing work and how can you do it?

When someone lands on your website, they will be cookied as a visitor on your website.

That means your re-targeting platform will serve ads to them based upon the actions they take and how you want to market to them.

If they visited your checkout page but didn’t buy, you could easily target them with a very specific coupon to get them to come back and buy.

If this all sounds super technical, it’s not, all you do is put a bit of code on your website or have your developer do it, and create specific ads for different situations.

These will generally be display/banner ads showing a picture and text in a rectangle or square box.

You can easily get re-targeting ads deployed for your business in one day if you have the design assets and technical skills to set this up.

There is one platform I recommend you start on because they make it really easy to re-target people, it’s called Adroll.

The way any re-targeting platform works is they have an amount of ad space set aside of people who want to re-target. If it’s a company that doesn’t own the ad space like Adroll, they generally buy up inventory in companies like Facebook, Google and other places to display their ads.

Once you get your account created and approved, you will need to put the re-targeting code on your website. Once your code is on and recording, make sure you have ads to show to people who visited your website.

You’ll also need to segment your visitors and decide who to show the ad to and who to not show the ad to.

You do not want to show ads to a customer who have already bought your product, you would just be wasting money.

You can show new products that person didn’t buy to get more purchases from them.

The way to choose to NOT target someone is based upon what pages that person visited, so you’ll set thank you pages for pages after someone buys to know if they bought or not.

If this all seems really complicated, it’s not.

If you’d like me to set this up for you and help you increase your sales in an automated fashion through re-targeting, just contact me here to see how I can help you grow your business.

Go start your re-targeting campaign and let me know how it goes for you!

Lifehacks Marketing Psychology

Why “Do What You Love” Is Wrong To Tell Anyone

I was just reading an article today and it had a lot of different tips by entrepreneurs and this showed up at least 3 times in 7 tips.

They say, “do what you love.”

That’s completely wrong.

Especially when we tell that to a person who doesn’t really know what we mean.

Many entrepreneurs assume another person knows exactly what we mean when we say it.

Most people who hear that phrase have objections such as:

“People don’t make money doing what I love”

“People won’t pay me for that”

“It’s not possible”

Basically what happens here is a piece of advice is given that is not able to be understand by the average person who doesn’t read or study methods to do what we love and make money at the same time.

But even then, there are many things we love doing that we are not able to make money with.

It would be crazy to expect to make $1,000,000,000 by just watching TV all day. We might love watching TV but it’s not going to make us successful.

What entrepreneurs do when they truly love what they are doing is they consciously chose to do something and started to love it later.

It also happened to be profitable or someone showed them how to make money doing it.

For example, a lot of people don’t start out loving the new CD of an artist they like.

They listen to it, and it sounds ok, but as they listen to it more and more, they start liking it more and more.

Repetition causes us to view things differently and maybe even love what we are doing.

Many entrepreneurs don’t start out liking marketing. Some absolutely hate it.

But personally, I didn’t know anything about it and I always thought marketing was for scum bags.

Then I discovered all marketing really is when boiled down to an ethical way of doing things is to help people find solutions to their problems.

And now I spend 8 hours a day or longer helping people find solutions to their problems and I LOVE to do this. And I make money at the same time.

Marketing aligned with where I want to be in life which allows me to love it.

I wouldn’t love tricking people or creating marketing for something I don’t find good and ethical (I have turned down many deals worth a lot of money on this basis).

What I’m basically saying is this.

We can become very successful by doing what we love, though usually we have to truly find out what we love to do and many times we have to start loving what we do learn.

That means, sometimes we start doing something we hate or don’t like at all, though doing it over and over again, we start to like what we do and it has a bigger meaning to it for us.

For example, Zig Ziglar talks about in one of his tapes about a positive Doctor.

Zig says we should find a positive doctor who follows his own advice.

Zig had a thin athletic doctor that told Zig he could eat whatever he wanted to eat to lose weight.

He was just going to give Zig a list of what Zig was going to want.

So when someone says, “Do What You Love” sometimes it means to love what you do, then doing what you love becomes true.

Copywriting Marketing

The Vital Marketing Mindset To Make Sales And Get Clients

This is the most vital item to think about before creating a product or doing any marketing because it’s a way to nearly guarantee what you will be doing will be successful.

A lot of folks start out on a different path, doing what they want and selling what they want everyone to have when they could easily change the mindset into selling what other people desire and want.

Gary Bencivenga, one of the greatest copywriters alive, if not the greatest, told a story about Bernard Baruch.

Bernard was one of the most influential people in the 1920s and further and a great persuader. He was an advisor to 6 presidents, a wall street titan and could get a room full of people to feel like and agree to a plan he put together who were before just fighting passionately over their issue.

When Bernard was retiring, people were asking about what his secret was.

Someone asked:

“What is your secret? Is it something that the rest of us can learn to do?”

His response was a 12 word response that holds true to my point before, about the vital mindset to make sales and clients.

Bernard’s response:

“Find out what people want and show them how to get it.”

That simple right?

I’ve found out first hand, what is simple is usually what works best.

Start with this mindset before any marketing plan and business, and you will up the odds of being successful exponentially.

Bobby Huang Manifesto

The Virtues Of Selfishness Manifesto: Being Selfish First Contributes More To The World

“You can have everything in life you want if you just help enough people get what they want” -Zig Ziglar

“I’ll take care of me for you, if you’ll take care of you for me.

The best contribution I can make to you if you’re my friend is my personal development.

What if I become 10 times wiser, 10 times stronger, 10 times better, 10 times more unique?

Think about what that will do for our relationship.” from Jim Rohn

This Manifesto will show you the virtues of being Selfish.

Selfishness in itself is a virtue and it’s an important quality to celebrate because it gives back to the world more than being selfless first.

When you learn to be selfish in a way that puts you first than puts others after, you will find that you will get more of what you desire in life while helping others get what they want.

Read from beginning to end of this Manifesto and do EVERY exercise because each will help you unlock what you need to-to be the success you want to be.

Thank you for being here, and I look forward to your transformation.

Let’s get started.

Bobby Huang Lifehacks

An Open Letter To The Woman of My Reality

Hi Honey.

It may be a bit too early to call you honey, because we may not even know each other yet.

Or maybe I met you this weekend at the wonderful wedding Sacha and Scott put together.

Or maybe I know you already and we will meet when we need to meet to make the magic between us.

Either way, I’m really looking forward to growing with you.

By growing, I mean we both keep transcending our current selves and working toward a greater pillar (a greater purpose) we both mutually agree upon for our lives.

Bryan & Jennifer put it well during the Wedx Seminar, to make this third pillar to our relationship more important then anything else, even each other, even being right.

It’s worth being wrong sometimes to make sure we are aligned with where we want to go.

I had a conversation recently with a person after the wedding, he asked what kind of woman I truly desired in my life.

The must have qualities are here on my computer desktop.

the 5 qualities in the woman in my life

“My lover is:

  • Capable
  • Loving
  • Honest
  • Responsible
  • Supportive

And challenges me to achieve more and be better everyday.”

He asked me what quality can I absolutely give up out of these 5 if I never find the person who has all of them.

I told him, I will not give up a single one ever, because my belief is if I do, I will get what I choose and if I choose to give up one, I would only meet women with 4 of these qualities.

Which has been a reality for me for years to believe that it may be difficult to find these 5 qualities present to a great capacity in one person.

Though now I know it’s not true at all.

What I know as true is that there are millions and millions of women who have all the qualities I’m looking for.

I’ve already met a ton of them already. Some of them married, some of them in relationships, and some of them single.

I was in a rush to have something before. I would lower my standards and get whatever I lower my standards to.

The last year or so, I’ve consistently raised my standards and experienced a lot of different perspectives and experiences.

It has helped me realize that there is a woman of my reality (yea I use to call it woman of my dreams) who is just waiting and growing and ready to meet me when I’m truly ready.

Maybe you’ll read this someday or maybe you won’t, though I’m truly excited to be with you and I know you are truly excited to be with me.

There is a lot I can learn from you because my reality is different than yours and yours is different than mine.

My commitment to you is to always grow as a person with you and create magic together, whatever that really means to us.

I’m ready to give you my gift of change as Nathan and Amber mentioned during Wedx. I’m ready to receive yours too.

I’m in no rush. I know we’ll meet soon. I’m just so excited so I had to write you a letter.

With love,


Bobby Huang


Master These Two Things

As I read books, study, and awaken my consciousness even more, I find that I always am pondering these two things.

As I ponder these two things, I find myself focusing on making them better, and focusing on the aspect that will help me grow faster.

What if I told you life was simple it was true? What if we were able to boil it down into these two simple things and make life a whole lot better?

Would it be easier for you to focus on these two things and ignore tons of other theories and concepts?

I think yes to that last question there.

There are two aspects of life that if we could focus on making better it will effect the rest of our lives.

The first one is Scarcity and Abundance.

Do we think there is limited resources in the world, or unlimited resources we can tap into?

Where do you live from?

Do you hide your ideas from other people?

Do you give your ideas freely to other people?

Is there enough food in your house to make everyone who visits you full or do you ration your food because you want to make sure everyone gets their fair share?

There is no simple answer to these questions and there is no wrong or right answer.

I just think a certain type of person leans more toward abundance than scarcity and if we live from abundance realizing there is a huge world out there we can utilize, the world will get better as will our own world.

The second item of two things to master is how we live our life, more directly, where we live in a sense of past, present, and future.

Do you worry about the past? Do you live in today? Do you worry about the future?

What influences your action the most?

How do you interact with people? Do interact with today or do you interact from the past?

Do you hold grudges or look forward? Do you prepare or are you unprepared?

Again, there is no right or wrong answer to these questions.

I personally think and understand that a person who lives in the present, is a person who brings a lot to people.

When I say live in the present, it’s not that disregard the past or the future, it’s that they appreciate and live a great life as they grow.

One could say they live everyday to the fullest and more.

Do you want to know more about this and why it’s important to master these two things and actually how to master them more?

Technology Videos

Easy Video Suite Bonus (3 Of Them) & Review

Get Easy Video Suite Here To Get The Bonuses

Learn why Easy Video Suite will not be as easy as you want without the 3 bonuses I’m offering in this video.

Click my link above and purchase and I’ll send you 3 awesome bonuses that will make your video life a whole lot easier and adds to your business in a huge way.

Lifehacks Psychology

Quora Question: What does it really mean to stop chasing money or you’ll never get rich?

What does it really mean to stop chasing money or you’ll never get rich?

So I’ve heard this a million times and to chase your passion blah blah. I have turned this quote over and over in my head, what does this really mean? I chase money and it is my biggest dream in life to become really successful as my biggest passion is cars and I want to be able to own and work on any car I wish.

I am perfectly happy and grateful with who I am and what I have. However, I always see myself chasing money as I want to own and experience those cars I’ve dreamed about since I was a kid. So why would chasing money be bad?

Enter Bobby:

I’m about to tell you why chasing money is not necessarily a bad thing and what they really mean by not chasing money.

Chasing money itself is not a bad thing.

Lets get that straight.

Now, if you really want to be wealthy, it will hurt you being wealthy.

Simply because chasing money is like chasing sex.

Yes, we’ll get some sex by chasing it.

Though what could we do to get more of it, from a higher quality person we want to truly be with?

By exchanging something of value for it.

And no, I’m not talking about money.

Sometimes money can be exchanged for it, though those transactions are usually not good in the long run, like chasing money.

What I mean by exchanging something of value for sex means instead of focusing specifically on getting sex, we focus on becoming a great person an awesome partner would want to be with.

The person who would be giving us the sex, would be giving it instead out of love and basic need to reproduce and connect with us on a deeper level.

What we get is sex, we become better people, and we have a better relationship at the same time.

There are easy ways to get sex, paying for it or lying for it, though in the long run it doesn’t play very well.

Money works the same way.

We can “try” to get a million dollars by trying to get 1 dollar from a million people (chain letters, lies, faking it) or we could give value to a million people and ask for a dollar in return.

Chasing money itself means we are chasing something that is ONLY an exchange of value.

Paper money has no value, only the value we give to it (and soon enough it will be worthless in many countries, think hyper inflation in Zimbabwe, or some countries I have visited, Vietnam – which actually has a functioning currency, though they will run into their own problems soon, too much money printing with NO VALUE BEHIND IT, hint hint, USA and other countries).

So when a person says don’t chase money, it means don’t chase it because it has no value! Yes we could use bad means to get it, though those don’t last and we’ll eventually be found out.

But if we had tons of clients giving us money because of the value we provide for them, we are not chasing money, but instead thinking of what we can do for other people.

Back to sex. Sex can be exchanged for money, it has it’s own value to different people.

Some people won’t sell sex for money, though they’ll sell it for company, for dinner, for many other things.

Though remember, it’s just a medium of exchange, if you think of it like economics, it’s a give and take world.

Now, to add one more layer to this, if we focus on contributing to make another person’s life better AND our own at the same time, we don’t need to chase money.

Win/Win situations, as much as they are talked about, is what we should focus on.

Is my employer fairly paying me and am I contributing a lot of value? We can work together to make both more true.

Are my clients getting a ton of value from the work I’m producing or am I trying to cut corners and time because they’ll pay me anyway?

This is jumping into the realm of abundance and scarcity, which is another ball game.

Just to sum it up with abundance and scarcity.

People who usually chase money, live in a world of scarcity (there is not enough resources).

People who usually chase giving value to other people AND themselves, live in a world of abundance (there is more then enough resources, lets build this together!).

This is a pretty long message for your question. Does this make sense?


The Average Wage In This Country in 2012 was $1,540

The average wage in 2012 in Vietnam was $1,540 USD.

I spend about 467% ($7,200) more per year just on living expenses here (which is higher than some foreigners and lower than others).

In the USA I would spend 1051% ($16,200) on living expenses alone.

I’ve met the folks who make the average wage and more. Many of them don’t live in poverty luckily, they still have basic needs life food and shelter, and really cheap cell phones.

Though they do eat cheaper food and yes a lot of them live at home or live with 6 people in a studio/1 bedroom apartment.

Many of these folks would still send money to their families, and have barely enough left over to eat and pay for living expenses and when they are lucky, go enjoy a splurge out on the town (probably under $5 anyway).

Why do I mention all this? It’s not for you to feel sorry for these people.

It’s because I personally truly appreciate everything I have. I show my gratitude for what I have.

What are you grateful for today?

Book Reviews

Bobby Huang’s Book Review: Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make Competition Irrelevant

There are untapped markets that are worth BILLIONS if not TRILLIONS of dollars that are just waiting to be tapped.

Many business and people actually try to tap markets that already have so many competitors and compete with the companies that are already in the market and try to compete over the same things.

They later find themselves deep in debt and closing down business wondering why they weren’t able to gain traction with the business they knew worked because they saw other people do it.

These folks are competing in what we call a red ocean, which red likely symbolizes blood.

If there are 195 competitors in the same market, is it very easy to be successful?

Yes and no.

It can be easy if we approach it in the right way.

No if we approach it from the traditional way.

The right way is to approach the market as if it’s a blue ocean, an opportunity not tapped in the customers mind.

We must position our products that they fill a different need than our competitors.

A good example is Apple’s iPhone.

The iPhone started the smart hand set touch screen craze and Apple currently owns a large portion of the profits.

They’ll generate billions of dollars in profit before they lose traction.

They changed the way we interacted with our phones and while Samsung might sell more handsets then them currently at this writing, Apple still makes more money.

All of this is covered in the book Blue Ocean Strategy.

I highly recommend this book and give it 9/10 on my score of 1-10, 10 being great.

The book covers in details how many companies create billions of dollars in blue oceans.

Something we can do with even our small business or even in our daily lives.

If you are a start-up this book will be VERY useful for you to position yourself well in the minds of your customer.

Even established businesses will benefit from the strategies in this book.

I highly recommend you add this to your book collection.


-Bobby Huang



Everyday I list 5 things I’m grateful for.

They are simple things.

Sometimes the names of certain people in my life.

Many times I list life, love, friendship and other items as things I’m grateful for.

The funny thing is, as I list these items, they come into my life more, in a positive way because I start changing my behavior and showing actions of gratitude to people and things in my life.

I appreciate you who reads these words.

I don’t write these words for you. I write these words for me and you.

Lets appreciate the world together, because true happiness comes from wanting what we have.

I have so much, and I will fight for what I have and keep making it better.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want more, I totally want more. Though I’m going to appreciate what I have.


Little Tweaks In Life

Much of the time, it’s the little tweaks in life that will make a big difference.

Spend 2 hours before bed off the computer, get better sleep.

Read a self help book for 30 minutes per day, it will add up.

Drink more water per day, your health will improve.

Most of these tweaks are habits and don’t require much effort after the first 30 days.

The first 30 days is the hardest.

Though with those litte tweaks, life will dramatically improve.

Same happens for negative things, one less star bucks drink per day means tons of saved money over time and less sugar, and one star bucks drink per day means more sugar and less money per day.


Sometimes Bad Things Need To Happen

So that we can appreciate the good.

There is always something positive, even to the most negative of acts in our lives.

If we fine the beauty in it, we can grow faster and in an amazing way.



What is the most important human ability in todays society?

Is it intelligence?

Is it physical body?

Is it looks?

It’s actually something so much more simple.

It’s what nearly ALL successful people and employees have.

It’s emotional intelligence.

It’s the ability to manage ones self, manage ones emotions, be socially aware and manage relationships.


Recycling Wastes More Resources Than It Saves

But for some reason we ignore this.

Why do we ignore this?

Because of the story we tell ourselves.



Do You Want Freedom?

Want to know the best way for you to get freedom?

Help other people with expecting anything in return.

Now it’s OK to help people be free in a business and get paid for it, though it’s the act of giving with expecting something in return that throws off karma.

Help someone with whatever it is you can.

Lifehacks Psychology

Open Letter To My Father

Dear Dad,

I forgive you.

You may never read this letter, though that’s OK.

I know you haven’t talked to us for over 19 years now.

I know that you’ve had our phone number for many years.

I know that you have many other children and many other wives.

It’s OK dad.

I forgive you.

Don’t feel any shame when you think about me.

I’ve grown up to be a wonderful man.

I’m surrounded by wonderful and loving people.

I love everyone now, when I use to hold contempt for most people.

I use to think from a scarcity mindset, but I realize the world is abundant.

I appreciate you helping me be born into the world.

I realize I am a combination of you and my mom.

I forgive my hatred and spite toward you.

I can finally move on and start loving other people truly.

I apologize for holding a grudge for many years, you may not have known about it, though I apologize anyway.

I am the change I want to see in the world.

Thank you being alive, and I want the best for you.

Live everyday fully and love your kids and wife deeply.

Thank you again, for bringing me into this world dad.

Now I’m going to change the world, and make it a better place.

This is all thanks to you.

Sincerely with love from your son,



Bobby Huang

Lifehacks Psychology

The Great Version Of Your Lover

Appreciate who your lover is.

Appreciate the vision you have for them, the potential you see in them.

Complaints from your lover has, have positive intentions behind the negativity.

Look closely and you’ll find the love behind it.